Introduction of new Farms


How can we work on introducing more farms to wonderland fans? We have a very good group of people and would be a great opportunity for other projects to bid on offering farms on Wonderland platform!


I don’t pretend to know all the ins and outs but I would imagine the same way we are now farming BSGG. Investing in projects and adding the coins to the farm.

Looks to me like the structure for this is already in place, so I asume it would be fairly easy to implement?

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I agree but someone has to work in starting to add them

Just to make sure we are ton the same page. Contrary to some other protocols with multiple farms and you pick which one you want to stake in, Wonderland has one farm with the ability to give multiple tokens.

The current farm already has the ability to give other tokens but given that the treasury isn’t farming, there isn’t much to put in. This should change the more we deploy funds.

Now if you mean actually adding other farms where you stake something else that’s a whole different story.

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Can’t speak for the TS but I meant adding tokens to the one farm. And I think we should start workig on adding more fast because it looks like the rebases are going away so we need something attractive for holders.

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My idea is to have other projects bid on being a farm on wonderland. All farms are tied to wmemo or time.

Hmmm, how would that work ?

What would be the incentive for these projects ?

How it would work is a tough question, I am not sure. The incentive is access to the wonderland users. There aren’t that many projects with a treasury balance of $126 million. You have access to people with tokens

you’re suggesting platforms distribute their tokens to wMEMO holders who are farming the pool of tokens made available to farm by the Treasury. So would wMEMO holders pay the protocol to get access to their tokens or would WL be making an investment into the protocol, for which it gets tokens? If the latter, alread in place as others said. So it’s a matter of getting access to deal flow. I imagine once we get the TM circus cluster out of the way, some protocols might be desperate for funds right now, and we could get blue chips at massive discounts.

Again, I am not sure how to make it work but the APR currently offered by the farm is a bit low. That’s what I am saying. There are farms/pools that are offering better rates. To keep people in the project, we need to offer more competitive APR.

I am currently taking my bsgg rewards and moving them to other farms/pools that offer better apr. Thats not good for the long term success of the wonderland. The rewards should be compounded back into wonderland but it’s not.

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