Introductions for the governance and community board

Hi, im Buffalo. I have been trading since 2017 and i think Time is one of the most exciting projects i have entered into. A puzzle that i hope gets solved. I plan on being here everyday watching how it moves and grows or divebombs and i don’t care if i lose every penny invested. I believe in healthy debate and democracy and am happy this forum was created and the top can hear our voices. Those that are in for the long haul should probably all say hi and get to know each other in some way. Only way to have a community. I think we should have a community board to help pass the time as we buckle up and to speak freely on our beliefs and direction for the future of the project and our own futures. A future where we can be financially independent from $12 an hour slave labor and federal monetary systems that tax %60 of every dollar we have. Some people get the project and some want to abuse it. The ones that get are the ones that will be here in 3 years. Lets say hi.

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Hello friend what a time to be alive he’s I do believe a general discussion board would be a good addition but we do also have our other communication platforms in place for said conversations. Discord has become one of my favorites assuming we can keep the Karen’s from playing fake mod. ( Not directed at the actual mods y’all are great)