Invest millions in Drip and share the rewards evenly each month

Invest millions in Drip and share the rewards each week/month


Drip has proven to be stable, running for a year or so and like Wonderland, has built a strong community. Drip’s owner believes in sharing wealth.

Wonderland could invest X million and then share the rewards with Wonderland investors either in BUSD or Drip.

BUSD allows for those wanting cash-out quick, DRIP allows for those wanting utility to use the tokens back in Drip. This may even attract Drip’s community to invest in Wonderland as a new way of gaining Drip.

Rewards could be distributed as 50% equally amongst the frogs, 50% ratio to WL investment - using airdrop mechanism as per the BSGG drop perhaps.


  • Add an interesting reward mechanism to WL
  • Make use of a stable, growing protocol (and its community) on another chain (Drip on BSC)

Over to the community for the bigger brained thinking…

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