Investment Idea - A startup which Wonderland could massively benefit from, they just don't have funds to market properly.

Investment Idea - Invest / Acquire HLD - Hackerlabs. A startup which Wonderland could massively benefit from:

  • Invest in HLD.
  • Acquire HLD.
  • Make No Changes

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HackerLabs came up with the concept of being a “dragons den for crypto”.
They haven’t implemented the idea to the best it could be yet.

Wonderland could change that.

HackerLabs are a competing crypto coin. Currently running on the ETH chain.


  • Make the returns of Wonderland explode.
  • Get more people involved with Wonderland.
  • Build trust.
  • Become more known in the real world space. Not just being an internet only thing.

*Provide a High Level Overview:

  • Acquire HackerLabs.
  • Make a SquareSpace style product for crypto.
  • Make a Y-Combinator for crypto.
  • More eyeballs on Wonderland, more trust for Wonderland.
  • HackerLabs will get the growth they desire, currently they are just 2 guys. 1 with money, 1 with ideas.
  • Ultimately Wonderland will benefit from investing in startups at seed stage.
  • Wonderland will benefit from companies wishing to jump into the crypto space.

Provide Low Level Details: Describe more specifically individual components of the subject, focus on the details and present information in a structured way to help the community understand the proposal.

HackerLabs have created a product, which let’s anyone create their own crypto coin. Completely safe. I saw this as being like “squarespace”.

This concept of providing a super easy way, for companies to enter crypto still hasn’t been done yet.

SquareSpace does not yet exist in crypto.

The other side to this coin is a “Y-Combinator” style business.

Wonderland could build upon this idea and compete with Y-Combinator directly.

Y-Combinator were responsible for launching OpenSea and a few other huge crypto companies.

It would be extremely easy for Wonderland to implement this. And the idea would take off because of how many people know about Wonderland.

You have a community already built.

This is where the value of Wonderland is. The ability for you to make new connections faster than anyone else.

Business and/or technical requirements of the implementation of the proposal:

Pay them money, or do a deal, so they have an “earn-out”.

Or just get them on the team of Wonderland, to start implement under the WonderLand brand.


I really like these ideas of investment.

Like you said, with products, apps, etc, we could get more eyes and people involved with Wonderland. May be as a holder, or simply by having a good brand awareness around us.

But I really don’t know how our core team (aka Dani and our TM) see this type of investment.

Personally, I think it’s a good idea to search and invest on business like this.

But let’s see if this proposal get some atention…

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I can see the advantages and opportunities from this. If put to a vote I would vote yes

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I have not seen anything like Proof before and I think it is a great idea. Allowing those with ideas to integrate with DeFi is definitely going to take off. This is essentially squarespace for Web3 as they say. I expect them to expand upon reflections tokens and allow general smart contract creation as most of the reflections stuff flops.

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