Is Danny suggesting scrapping the abracadabra merger, his new press release is eluding so? THOUGHTS?

With the release of Dannys new statement, is he suggesting scrapping the abracadabra merger and again moving forward with wonderland?

He needs a PR manager there is no clear path or communication.

Whats your thoughts?

Now that the sifu scandal come up he probably cannot merge the project the reputational cost will be too big.

It’s good that he change is mind put I agree that now we need clear vision on how the shit will be handle.

Frog that are still there don’t need to be merged nor getting a new treasuries manager it is not the fu**ng priority.


Couldn’t agree with you more, now we make the ultimate decision do we move forward and attempt the greatest salvage mission since finding the titanic, or do we sell up and split the treasury… I’m 50/50.


It is good to hear him talking about bringing in a professional team. We have to have names and faces for anyone who is proposed.

If Dani brings in some old friend, who isn’t a star in the Defi or some other fintech space, it is going to murder the project.

The Bastion Trading people seem to be nobodies. But at least they are doxed. If we went this route I’d look for an exit at a higher price, which anyone but a fool, or a career criminal scammer, could achieve as treasurer.

Why can’t Dani do the treasury, and get other people to do PR and marketing for him?

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and there seems to be dani friends…

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Combining the treasury with Abra to make a super project is a great idea. But it would be stupid to combine Abra with Wonderland when our price is so low and we just had a scandal. Better to make something of Wonderland before talking about merging.

100% agree with the PR issues not trying to belittle him but his communication skills on twitter and forums have been terrible so far, I think he should give his ideas and thoughts to a PR team who can effectively communicate it across to investors


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