Is it worth minting? Does staking pay more?

Does staking pay more than minting over the same period? It is worth new users minting?

Minting allows you to get TIME at a discount in exchange for providing assets to the protocol. If it’s high enough it is normally worth it.

The discount for minting wMEMO is a “true” discount in the sense that it includes the discount and the rebases reward you would get from minting.

The discount for minting TIME on AVAX is a bit more tricky since you can increase the “ROI” % by claiming a staking part of your rewards before every rebase. People usually aim for a 7-8% discount.

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Thank you. The discount for minting with MIM appears to be 5.78% at the moment so it isn’t worth it, compared to the ROI for 5 days.

I have AVAX. Are people still buying TIME on traderjoexyz? or are they buying wMEMO, or something else, or using a different site to buy?

Is there anything which suggests it is better to wait to buy at the moment? I can’t get into the discord for the latest discussion.

You could buy wMEMO directly with MIM. Convert AVAX to MIM on TJ (might be Sushi now, not sure where the liquidity is since they are moving it) and buy wMEMO with MIM on Sushi.

Time in TIME > timing TIME. Lots of news/things going on. Announcements are coming. Waiting for another dip or lower price will mean you’ll miss on rebase for all that time and the dip might not come. It’s actually dipping right now sub 2000k, sounds like a buying opportunity to me. You could always DCA.

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I bought in for myself when the price dipped to $1940. Then I bought in for my dad when the price dipped to $1915.

The ROI is so good that I don’t mind missing a bit. It could even drop to backing. This is a long term play for us.

I simply staked TIME. I didn’t wrap it. I don’t know if I am going to have to do that.

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No need to wrap for now. However, if revenue share is implemented, the plan (so far) would be that you would have to stake your wMEMO to get your share.

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How to get back minted tokens?

I have seen the wrap portion of the web site. So I guess that is a simple operation.

You don’t. When you mint you give those to Wonderland in exchange for discounted TIME.

If I do a certain amount of tokens minted can I claim a time tokens every five days?

You get some of it through out the 5 day. About 20% per day of your total minted. So to be able to claim 1 token every 5 days, you would have to mint 1 TIME every 5 days.