Is there anything that can be done about staking 20,000,000 at a time?

I have been watching the past few weeks as TW has been falling. I have absolute seen huge drops based on 8 hour rebasing. I have also been reading some of these ideas thrown out since this forum has dropped. Why should someone be able to stake 20 million and pullout all 20 with the rebases they have gained within 3 rebases? Have you keepers done the math on an 8 hour rebase on 20 mil? I have. People are thieving the treasury. I am a double k investor, i dont get 250k rebases. is their anyway to keep an investor from staking 50 mil at a time just to steal a rebase and bounce? just look at the chart the last 8 hours, pure manipulation and i think 3-4 days ago you can see an 8 hour match up in drops. What if you could only be able to stake 10-20-30k a day?

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As has been discussed like a million times before, the trading fees will make such a trade unprofitable. A rebase is about 0.6%. Let’s say u make a trade from usdc to time. You have to pay 0.3% fee to make this trade, and then another 0.3% fee to swap it back to usdc. You just broke even, since you just paid 0.6% in fees to make 0.6% in rebase. But wait, u also get rekt by price slippage, which could be anywhere from 0.5%-1%.

Bottom line, u will get rekt by trading fees of u try this.


Rebases don’t come from the treasury. Please go read the other 5 “anti-whale” posts and all the replies, I really don’t think there’s anything new to be said here.


my trading fees for what i have where around 1.20. think someone with 20 mill cares about fees when they just made a few 100k

just go look at the drops the past 8 hours, those are traders rebasing and pulling out

treasury pays when ppl pull out, thats why it is a treasury.

% numbers do not care about your trade size. Slippage is negatively affected by your size of transaction. We’re done here.

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You’re looking at the gas fee. I’m talking about the liquidity provider fee, which is 0.3% per transaction.

If u don’t believe me, try swapping 1000 usdc for usdt. You will end up with about 997 usdt, because of the 0.3% fee.


wrong, ive pulled out everything to test if i could. lost literally nothing

now apply that to 20 million dollars and rebases

0.3% fee on 20 million is 60k
2 transactions would mean they have to pay 120k in fees

A rebase is also 120k

So they will break even, IF there is no price slippage, which there always is. You will almost always lose money if u try this

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not if they do it over 3-6 rebases and dont swap their time but reinvest but scalp rebase profits, still profits and slippage isnt universal

i didnt lose more than a few bucks. just because someone else said something doesnt mean when you repeat it that its true

Show me a scenario where someone profits, with the math written out

I believe InvictusDao on Solana have solved this by removing rebases per x hour and implementing an automatic real time rebase. On their website, I don’t see a time until next rebase and at one point you were able to see your tokens go up constantly. It shouldn’t be too difficult for TIME to implement something similar if whales manipulating rebases is a serious concern.


do you have 20 million invested? Pull it all out 6.4 million every 8 hours over 3 rebases and see what happens, if price is going sideways you win

also just zoom in on the charts the past 2 weeks and look at 8 hour increments

Reinvesting means they’re taking a risk, so this strategy is not risk free

Why don’t u factor in the fees i told u about and try to see it’s profitable

crypto is not risk free, if you have Xmillions to play with on an experiment would you care if you lost a few 100k to figure it out? not fighting but i literally watch the charts and it is a pattern i have seen. I dont believe you should be able to stake 20 mill at a time, thats suit shit