Join a Marketing Initiative for Wonderland - We Need Your Talents

Fellow frogs,

I know there is a lot of desire to hire a Marketing Team and to push for public outreach. I agree with the sentiment and have a burning desire to push for pubic outreach as you do. Maybe we will come together and make that happen with money from the treasury, maybe not. There is something we can do though, we can make it happen ourselves, at least in the mean time, until we all collectively decide if we want to hire someone, how much we want to pay their company and how much we want to spend in various markets as well as on which topics to spend the most. This could be a long process if we do it in a calculated manner. Even if/when we do hire a marketing team, do we want to point at another project and say “make us like them” or would you rather tell them to look at what we’ve already been doing and say, “just do This, but better”?

This is a DAO, let’s at the least Try to do this ourselves. I’m a big believer in future rewards and find things get bogged down when people start talking about paying each other for their work, so for now, let’s just avoid that conversation and stick to the objectives. We all share some objectives in this journey and my time in the discord has shown me there are many areas of the project the community feels could improve, particularly in the Social Outreach area. A few of us have created various Forum Posts that can help focus the discussions on the different areas of the project we feel the community could use the most help.

  1. Video Content is vitally important, reputable video content. We’ve made a Forum Post to break down the different Video Topics that we think need to be covered and how we feel they should be prioritized. We need help discussing this and then we need help writing scripts, editing videos, voice over artists, animators, even actors if you have your own camera equipment so it doesn’t cost you anything to film.

  1. The Documentation for the project is lacking, or at the least not as universally digestible as we would like. Let’s discuss ways we can improve the Documentation in the Forum Post we created for that discussion. We’ll need writers and artists there especially. We’d all like it to be glorious as well as informative, right? We need folks in the discussion who don’t understand something so we can work out how to get it into the Docs. This is an all hands on deck deal, this is the anchor that feeds information to other content outlets.

  1. The Website is lacking, with various degrees of change that the community seems to be fairly vocal about. We created a forum post specifically for that topic. Bring you web expertise and suggestions, your design skills are so desired. We are our website, it needs to be the best representation of us that we can muster. It is a user’s first impression and our gateway to work with it. Join the discussion and lets make it a reality with our minds, not our wallets.

Link to Come Tomorrow.

  1. Social Media is such an amazing tool that is being utilized by the leads in the project. I think we can all agree a social media presence is only beneficial, especially to combat FUD and misinformation. It’s difficult to suggest appointing a user to operate the main Wonderland handle, but I think we can, together, formulate a marketing strategy and create beautiful content that can be shared on twitter by the team. The team already has a lot to handle, it would be so much easier to utilize the twitter if the content that was going to be posted on it was already created and vetted by the community. Let’s make that a reality. We need quirky writers, artists, jokesters and the rest of you to join the Forum Post regarding a Social Media plan to get the ball rolling.

Let’s keep the discussion open about hiring a team of marketing specialists, that’s not what this is about. Personally, I just think they’ll charge us an arm and a leg for stuff I’m sure we could do ourselves. I shouldn’t be sarcastic about that, but honestly, I would bet my bottom dollar that in our community of frogs, we have some very talented folks and industry veterans from all the fields we need. Let’s consider all our options, and I think one of those options is to do it ourselves.

We have a strong and passionate community who I believe would love to be a part of this initiative. We are currently setting up a team to get this done with the support of @kbanna and @infinitetest - We want to grow the team and find passionate individuals who wish to share their talents with the community. We have created multiple posts to try and keep the conversations on topic. Please discuss the concept here, and move to whichever posts interest you most that you’d like to be a part of.


I asked one of the mods to mention them to use or something similar into website to
feed social media posts directly so there’s one central point.

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This is a cool idea. If I understand it correctly, it feeds a webpage with user generated posts that are pulled from social media when hashtags are used. That would be an interesting way to bring an always up-to-date conversation to the website. As with everything, there are situations where that could be as harmful as it is helpful, especially when trusting random internet users to add content to our website automatically. But from’s examples, it looks like it could be set up in a way that only Sifu, Danielle, and other designated team members’ social media posts get pulled and posted to the social wall. That would be a great way to highlight their tweets and posts above the noise.

Very interesting idea.

Agreed a simple YouTube official Wonderland News channel would be perfect to put out clear concise info. Include links to official docs, definitions and descriptions as well as link to the community discord to further build the community and field more detailed questions or concerns. Could even use Admins on the discord to check the temperature of the community and give us input as to what types of questions they are fielding most.

I have run marketing companies in the past, currently retired and happy to help. We would however need direct access to Those leading the project to ensure the information we release is “official” and as accurate as possible to have the maximum value.

This would take the least amount of effort to get up and running. We could at the same time build out a road map with milestones to improve marketing materials and documentation etc

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There is a youtube channel that makes really good simple videos mainly about Time Wonderland. He is invested so check him out and maybe he will be interested.

I did SEO so I can help in that way if required.


We’re right on the same page, my friend. Let’s make this a reality. I would love to chat in DM on discord to connect if you don’t mind. I’m @MattMacGyver there, send me a DM if you can. From here I think we need to get some heads together and lay out our first steps. I’m a film maker, so that’s really where my head is at, I know we’ll need folks like you with overseeing experience to bring this together.

Currently, I’m scripting tutorials and creating/acquiring assets for animating them, but the overall effort needs minds that are more than content creators. Any assistance you have to offer is greatly appreciated.

This guy is awesome, I’ve seen their videos before and would Love some of their talents involved, that’s a great idea. I’ll try to catch their attention in a comment on their video, do you know if they’re on discord and if I could find them there?

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Very interesting and valuable idea. I support to push forward for a Vote.


Are you on the discord? Me an Matt are talking right now. Lets get organized and yes SEO will be key

Hey we have gotten started creating the videos for the YouTube channel and have the channel built. We could definitely use someone familiar with SEO to lead that charge. As I mentioned I used to run a marketing company and Matt is our video guy. Message me at if your interested.

We plan to build it out and pitch it to the Wonderland team to be the official Wonderland landing page for Breaking news, informational videos, how to videos, and links to important external sites.

@mykle200 your comment relates to a proposal I’m trying to put forward on the forum….would appreciate your feedback:

That is great detailed article. I fully agree. Will you please submit your topic as [RFC] with goal to get [WIP]. Thank you for your work.

I’m a UX and Graphic designer. I can help in Wireframing, UX design, Testing and Improvements.

Email me at We have a team assembled and already started work on videos, YouTube channel, and a website.

I think this can go hand in hand with another proposal in which chosen members from within the community split up in several teams help with different areas in which we really need to be more productive and help the project.

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