Joining discord

Why can i not join discord, seems like i go through most of the verifying stage just to get blocked?

Wait, I just talked to you… Did you just get kicked ?

Looking into it.

Looks like the captcha bot kicked you.

Try updating your app or using another browser if you weren’t able to verify.

will try again, i am using the app, not a browser, but will try both if i have to

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I can’t get in either, could you help me?
ID Fcaze#5640

What about now ?

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It worked, thank you very much!

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Same problem with me.

ID : demonplay

I’ve tried to join the Discord on the app via this link and a few others like it posted around. I always get the same message “this link is invalid or has expired”.

Am I missing something?

Can you give me your Discord ID ?

What about now ?



Unable to accept invite"

Ah, just saw the bot message. Essentially, your account is too new… Looks like you’ll need to wait a day or two before you can join.

Also, put a profile picture. The bot will love you more lol

Achso, okay, good to know.

Thanks for the help mi amigo!

Like John Connor, I will keep doing battle with these robots over the next days (weeks, months, years…)

…in the hope I will, at a point, be able to join the discord.

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"Survivors Log: Day 181…

Despite being an investor and part of this project for almost 6 months, my passivity and foot-dragging have come around to bite me in the bum now, as I’m still here, unable to join the Discord.
It’s cold and dark out here alone in the forum. The machines have rallied against my perceived “fresh blood” and continue to deny me access to where the reeeaalll chat happens. There’s a soft, cold breeze that whistles “looooossseeerrrrr” onto the back on my neck.

Maybe there is some way to unplug them at the mains. Perhaps their batteries will run out and need to be recharged at a point. Then, by chance, it could just be my time, and I can slip, unseen, beneath the knees of these so-called ‘bots’, in a manoeuvre commonly called ‘the nutmeg’, and I will slide in all my glory, neatly into the chats and forums of the Wonderland community like I’ve been there all along. In some ways…I already have.

All I know is, I will keep resisting these machines until the end, or until I find a way to tame them, perhaps keep them in a magic ball and send them out to do battle with others with a similar bot-in-a-ball. One can hope.

For now, patience.

Enough nonsense for today.

Diazalon out…"

TL:DR… bit bored, pretending to be living in Terminator, total nonsense

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Still getting the “Whoops” message.

Is there anything other than patience that can be done further to access discord?

Can you join again so you can get banned again and we can get yout ID to whitelist ? :joy:

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Haha! Absolutely! It would be an honour :joy:

I’m assuming you mean to try the link again

I’m IN!!! Praise the heavens, the Gods of Old and all the songs of the sea!

You the real MVP @NalX, ya bunch of bloody legends!

Oh well that was easy! Maybe I didnt unban you last time ? :man_shrugging:

Glad your in!

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