Just how early into this project are we?

Like ground floor? Floor 2? Mid-building? The basement? Subterranean?

I mean were probably pretty early seeing as how TIME’S only like 3 months old, and a game hasn’t even been started yet since it doesn’t seem like their are any devs/studios working on whatever they have planned. Ontop of that most coins aren’t on major exchanges yet from what I see, and their talking about advertisements to get the word out about their coins.


Building the foundation haven’t even poured concrete yet buddy we are early



Also, I’ve noticed you made multiple post with basic/simple questions. I’d suggest you join the discord if you aren’t already. Lots of these subjects are discussed on the regular.

This discord is absolute autistic screeching so I will continue posting here thanks.

The forums are for discussions around proposals. Not Q&A.


You must be hanging out in the wrong channels, but you do you boo.

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The nerve of this guy coming here with a dumb question and then calling people in the discord autistic.

What? Foh.


Guys… Just want to know when we stake our time… What the protocol does with our time… Lend them, use them for validation or just keep them there.
I know these simple question should be asked in the discord but for some reason I don’t know I can’t get in to the group… Thanks

Just keep it there as far as I know.