Keep Wonderland, but rebrand it. The best option

Are you guys retarded? Keep Wonderland, but rebrand it. The best option. We dont need no fucking draining of the treasury. Thats like saying a company underperforms and the CEO wants to compensate the share-holders. Never heard of that before, and its not an obligation.

Daniele isn’t interested, he wants Wonderland shut down.

He and everyone else expected Whales to win the YES vote and when the NO’s managed to pull it back he’s out on twitter saying the vote doesn’t count because it’s too divided.

Try telling the UK that who turned everything upside down on a 52% brexit vote.

As Sifu is a criminal and Danielles word is worthless and is probably not much better, I don’t see a future for this project unless they allowed a completely new team to take over.

Looks like the current team want any excuse to get their money out of the treasury and if people don’t vote for it they’ll just going to do it anyway.

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Topics is being closed because Wonderland in moving forward.