Keep Wonderland SOLO and Reduce APRS to attract REAL Investors

The Name Wonderland I feel is very strong and we truly should not hide it under Abracadabra.

We should try to Rebrand the website and show REALISTIC APRS because some REAL investors just look at 80k% APR and just flag the project as SCAM and walk away.

You guys were top 5 on Avalanche and got a big community even tho right now everyone is shitting in their pants but we got 600 mil in treasury. Attract the project to realistic investors now and give the confidence to your frog nation to fight the whales and don’t panic sell. Let the whales go so the frogs can carry on and build this bigger and better!!



An APY of 50-70k is the most ideal (although no one gets that much returns, it’s just a marketing gimmick)…the way it works in my opinion is

  1. 65000% APY trnslates to each rebase around 0.6%, this is a clever number as anything above this can be used to snip rebases. With swap fee of 0.3% it is impossible to profit from a 0.6% rebase. Hence a 70k rebase is just marketing plot.

  2. A mint of 5%, dilutes the token approximately 0.65%, thus the MINTERS gain is distributed to the STAKER as well…so effectively the loger one stake the better is for the token holder. Again the point being that a 5-6% MINTING discount is a wonderful way to grow the treasury, make new tokens and benefit the stakers and the treasury…there were times when the MINTERS were paid out 8-9% that was absolutely wrong…MINTING rewards should start at about 7% and as minting grows it drops to just below 5%…

So basically neither the MINTING nor the STAKING were the real problem for WL…The problem for WL started when we shifted the liquidity from traderJoe to Sushi…the sushi pool was too shallow and that led to slippages in swaps and resulting in cascade in price drops…then ARBA loans started hitting the market …that became a death spiral…and the last nail was SIFUGATE…

but if you look deep enough…nothis much is lost…we still hold a decent amount in treasury and treasury is the centrepiece of this DAO…Protect it and nourish it…WL will definitely buonce back…(maybe we can change the cat logo to a phoenix)

And yes

  1. Definitely no mergers at this point…
  2. Deploy all the liquidity in TIME-MIM or wMEMO-MIM pool on sushi
  3. Display all the data about the treasury and earnings of treasury in a transparent manner
  4. All multi-sign holders to be doxxed
  5. Close the loose ends on the
  6. Daily, weekly and monthly updates on the happenings…and ALL major decisions to go via snapshot
  7. Introduce reverse MINTING while the wMEMO price is below book value
  8. Continue the journey that was started a few months back…all is well if the treasury is safe and secure and growing (faster the better)

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