Let`s make WONDERLAND great again!

I would say that we are the one who is sinking the ship. (Whales started the process by massive sell out , and buying after price drops, then cascade liquidation. ) , but we are continuing the process now.
Do not forget that couple or few times 0xsifu and Daniele payed you out of their own pockets . 0xsifu and Daniele were leveraging wMEMO for you , so you could enjoy higher APY and price per token. ASK yourself , would you still be blaming 0xsifu ,if price would be in 8-12k range per $TIME and 180-220 per $wMEMO ?
The real problem here is a human greed( whales ) .
I am not trying to protect anybody. My mother lost her and my fathers retiring money with my and my brothers college money because of that " QUADRIGA". Then my parents divorced. My parents have not easy life now , because of the " QUADRIGA". I am not even talking that me and my brother didnt go to college because our money have GONE. My $65k are about to be gone. My wife is pregnant with twins, and I have to work 12+ hours a day to feed my family. I was expecting to invest for 3 month , so I can close my parents “debts” , send my brother to college and return $65K to the bank. “QUADRIGA” effected my family really bad.
I am not mad at all . I have no negative feelings to 0xsifu.
STOP panic, lets work on a Wonderland restoration. Daniele and 0xsifu have not done anything bad to WONDERLAND protocol. WE should have faith in them. Together we are strong! My situation is really , really bad, but I AM WITH WONDERLAND TO THE END. FROG NATION LETS GO.
I have a few ideas how to “fight” with a whales, and restore $TIME,$wMEMO price.
WONDERLAND management team , DM me pls. I have a few proposals.

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