Let’s propose a vote to introduce a 25% withdrawal fee. Fuck the whales

Now that everyone is aware about the whales attacks happening the last 2 months, you see what they want. Let’s put up a vote of a 25% withdrawal fee written in the smart contract and get the whales money who trying to put hands on our treasury and the one who draw to zig zags on the chart. We could finally turn this aginst them we just need to act very fast.

They have power over us given to them by the program .

We need to vote one wallet is equal to 1 vote

People them will have power not 5 MF sitting on the Money and wind in our sales all in their hands .
That is the control and manipulation big money does

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I’d agree if sold
Within 3 months or if staked and unstaked within that time, if the set up was made that way

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