Lets go back in $TIME

if we take into account the human element and perception, everyone always had a great perception of $Time. so instead of a new coin or even a wMEMO split, we still have $Time there, why not just go back to it and make it the focus and pump the liquidity there instead of wMEMO, just with different functionality (no rebasing). It makes people happy because that’s when things were good and the price point is low enough where frog level investors are inclined to throw more into it for accumulation purposes.
and not for nothing but if investors start buying into $time it will drive the price up which increases the wMEMO price exponentially. far more than if the focus is just on wMEMO since wMEMO is a multiple of $Time. with the current price point of $Time around $130, i could easily see this sky rocket to $500 and then upwards.

and then also the long time (3/3) investors will be happy because they will feel as if them holding and getting the rebases actually counted for something so they were thought of and taken care of for holding through the mess. will give WL an even higher level of loyalty could give a lot of positive PR for us.


Not sure of how the function of TIME and WMEMO will work however I do agree that the hodlers of WMWMO/TIME should be rewarded for their loyalty and belief in the project. Please benefit those who held and i for one will increase my holding substantially. I still have a strong belief that this will happen.

Exactly feels we provided liquidity for the investments and held to create a floor yet from this point whales are far more incentivised than the frogs, early frogs will be lucky to break even in a year or two.

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Whatever we do, we have to get rid of the rebasing. Streamline the project, make it easier to understand, and focus on delivering revenue share services.


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