Let's go back to the idea of been a VC

Hi everyone,

For the past month, I saw the Wonderland project losing a clear vision. The last proposal seems more to be dictated by panic than a clear vision about the future of Wonderland.

Therefore, I would suggest the idea of continue developing the idea of becoming a VC fund. The proper management of the Wonderland treasure will guarantee a pretty decent income for all the holders. (35%APR?).
Let’s use time and memo and stop wmemo so no more leverage on abracadabra.

What do you think?

Let’s work on this


Yeah, i agree.
I just want to see this thing come alive.
But it needs to be done properly. Enough with the high APY bullshit. Enough with the changing of the game every time something happens. Enough with this amateurism.
We need to plan for the best and prepare for the worst. Things need to be calculated for the worst people who try to exploit stuff, for the worst conditions.
Someone with a good plan just keeps a straight line, no matter what, because they are prepared for it.

I trusted that they already have, but i was wrong.
So lets go back to the drawing board and stop dreaming of Lamborghini and shit.

Yes indeed, instead of looking for strange solution we should go back to the origins of the projects. I really hope we can get out with a better idea. What do you think?

Are the team competent to make a successful VC in the Defi space?

Communications has been very poor. I understand that they bought an online gambling company. Some tokens of that company are going to be launched to people who owned wMEMO back on a certain date. But it isn’t interesting to new buyers.

How will new ventures work?

There has been a big dump in the price, from what Dani said would be the “normal range” from 1900-2500. The market is dumping and the treasury value is therefore lower. Only at this point to stay suggest swapping ownership of Wonderland for their other project Abacadabra.

I want to see the project, as it is, turned around before talking about doing something else.

I totally agree with you let’s not give up this project. Right now I am listening to Dani and he admitted that he didn’t have all the necessary people.

He also said that last night him phone was on sleeping mode so they couldn’t wake him up.

He also said that now they will hire a former Goldman Sachs person. I would say this is coming a bit too late. I would be happy to invest part of the treasure money in order to hire a proper VC team. There are plenty of opportunities out there.

Dani admitted that right now the treasure ROI or APR is around 40%. That is really not bad. So I don’t understand why he doesn’t want to pursue this way but just mix everything in Abracadabra.

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