Life will be good if Dani and Sifu will help us breakeven

Hello Frogs,

Wmemo/Memo/Time is being converted to spell at a price of $40k Memo/ Spell. I think it’s unfair because the people who invested in time helped to grow the treasury and this treasury belongs to us , we cannot simply share it with others .

I propose the following and we need to support each other .

(1) The market cap of Wonderland is 822 million dollars and the treasury balance is 962 million dollars. Check treasury balance here > (Wonderland).

(2) The treasury should be used to help investors (current holders) to return their original invested amount or at least 70-80%

(3) The return in spell tokens is accepted as long as it covers point 2.

(4) The current holders should be rewarded proportionally. ( Only those who are in loss should be compensated)

Thank You

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pay out in stable coins

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How in the world are you going to do that? Ask everyone to submit their wallet transactions on Trader Joe, etc.? Also why would someone who bought in at 50k want someone who bought in at 150k to be compensated more?

People should get back what they initially invested because it’s the honest thing to do. It has to do with integrity.

You can lose all your money but keep your integrity and somebody ALWAYS will back you!

BUT if you sell out your integrity in order to keep your money – you’ll NEVER get your integrity back.

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