Linking wallet to farm

Hi, sorry I am sure this has been gone over multiple times but I tried searching and didn’t find the answer I needed. I had wmemo staked, and can see the balance in my metamask wallet. I had an extended leave of absence during which I received some bsgg tokens but I think maybe the structure changed with the farm option and I think I’m not receiving those anymore. I was trying to figure out how to link my metamask wallet to the wonderland site so I could put my wmemo into the bsgg farm. Apologies if this is convoluted or unclear please ask clarifying questions as needed. Thank you!

To put your wMEMO in the farm go to this page and stake:

To get your rewards (goes up every few seconds) you click the Harvest button. It is a transaction every time so it does cost gas fees.

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Thank you, I’m not sure what my malfunction was before…I think I had just forgotten to enable my metamask to interact with the wonderland site. I like to think I am relatively smart but sometimes I feel like I’m not smart enough for defi haha. Thanks again for your help!

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