Liquidating the treasury is short sighted

I think moving forward with a plan to liquidate the treasury is short sighted.

What harm is there in freezing the assets until we can vet, and hire a knowledgeable and respected treasurer?

We all (presumably) bought into the idea of pooling our assets and investing in early stage crypto ventures. What has fundamentally changed with the project?


Bro we’re being rugged, this is their last stroke in their master scheme, it’s over.


This is no rug pull.

Lots people reddit say Rug! Me say Rug too!

Its not a rug however this behavior is destroying any possibility of us getting our investments back. Its obliterated any chance of this having a positive outcome. This behavior from the community is just as terrible as the actions that got us here.

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I think most holders are probably fine with continuing the project.

I think we have a bunch of people who played with leverage who got burned, and are now whining about it. They want their money back and they don’t care that they’d be taking it from people who didn’t lever up. But you can damn sure bet they wouldn’t share any potential gains they would’ve made if not for the liquidations. I think these people, and the arbitrage scalpers, are poisoning the well here.

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