Lock Wonderland in 7 days... Hodlers get part of treasury

The merger with wonderland and abracadabra happens in 7 days…

before the 7th day, you can sell your wMEMO for spell, or any other coin.

after the 7th day all remaining hodlers get 50% of wonderland treasury distributed based on memo amount.
the other 50% moves to abracadabra’s treasury.

Between now and the 7 days… all buy backs of wMEMO get put in an wallet that will be distributed to all hodlers to increase their share.


wMEMO will go up because long term hodlers will stay in to get their initial investment back, along with other investors that want to take what is essentially an airdrop.

paper hands that want to merge WL with ABRA get what they want. BTW they can get what they want without the merger, they can swap wMEMO for spell anytime


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