Looking for Rebels to start a revolt (Migration deadline fiasco reversal)

Simple start of the journey, looking for likeminded individuals who had been robbed by migration that you’ve missed only because you live in real world, and not monitoring a project that once scammed you…
this is just a start .
Reply here with your story.


I checked in around the 5th January.
So like others in this boat you walk around the rest of the day “beating yourself up”! (Why didn’t I check last week? Last month?)
And then after you’ve felt sick for a few days and basically called yourself every name under the sun for such a screw up … you realise “it’s not my fault”.
I had some wMEMO from … well, back in the last crazy crypto period when a lot of people got in late (at the wrong ‘TIME’).
I got caught up in the rebase saga and then saw it (APY numbers) continuously drop to some sort of ‘realistic’ numbers. I was down (in the red).
But then I noticed that the crypto market itself was turning down. So I thought well … I’ll just let it be and basically check it out when the market picks up again.
Maybe this is a bit long-winded. But it’s probably not that dissimilar to what quite a few people did who got into this project … and stayed beyond the “rage quit” period.
I didn’t quit and now I’m full of RAGE that a minority can vote to write-off the holdings of the majority.
That’s my story … pretty much.


I did not sign up to jump through technical hurdles due to a migration on some long-term tokens. I bought TIME strictly with the intention of selling at some point.
Found about about this migration and thought I did what I was supposed to do when I was asked to provide my wallet address and all.

Come to find out I am now being denied the tokens due to me.

If it looks scammy and it smells scammy, then it is scammy…This migration should have been done automatically but you get the feeling that it was carefully planned to deny many folks what is due to them.

I guess people just assume that everyone lives crypto 247 and are crypto savvy.

Definitely going to go and try and get some justice. Want to see why regulation is so badly needed? Exhibit A.


How does one start a revolt if we are not even able to propose a vote without volta. Volta we would have to buy AGAIN because now our memo is considered worthless. It’s just such a fucked up situation.
Anyone currently holding has no reason to vote in our favor because why would they?

There is no VOLTA ownership requirement to write a proposal here, only for posting a Snapshot about it.


Have had problems with mental health for some years.
So in this time frame I have been 'away from digital world’s.
Only to find out, now I am healthy again, that the project rebranded.

If possible I (or we) would like some support with the situation.

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