Loyal wMEMO holders should be made to break even in SPELL swap

wMemo price should allow those who held from Nov/Dec to at least break even in the SPELL swap.

If holders are forced to realise 60%-90% losses, there will be little incentive to hold SPELL.


I concur. The crash was no fault of us long-term hodl-ers. I’ve seen $40k proposed for the SPELL conversion, but this is at a huge loss for us.


Another idea:

I believe it is time for wonderland to take ownership of its greatest asset which is the treasury. Farming as a service works especially in the present market condition. There is zero reason for a treasury of this size to lose money on buybacks - nor is a merger to the benefit of wonderland. Usually the larger bank acquires the smaller bank.

We need to fully implement shared revenue.

Farm as a service which wonderland and Dani and team know well

Focus on restoring the intrinsic value of the token by offering this shared revenue model. Fewer people will see benefit to shorting an asset that yields them a passive growth of value.

Stop additional treasury depleting activity (to include investing) until we have restored the value of the token Wmemo to at least pre 68k wmemo level

Focus 100% on a clear restoration of value strategy

Full transparency of funds (good start with FUNDS tab on the wonderland app)

Appoint team from overlapping timezones so that someone is always at the helm

Appoint marketibg and communications to counter-FUD strategies

Once we have stabilized above 68k Wmemo levels start the process of burning all liquidated supply. Burning supply after stabilizing the price range will help prop up price in the next range - while the revenue share model will keep holders firmly entrenched.

Next focus on a goal based APY reduction (not the punative model some daos use) Utilize price to phase out rebasing - example

At 50k wmemo apy = x example 60,000%
At 60k wmemo apy = x example 45,000%
At 70k wmemo apy = x example 30,000%
At 80k Wmemo apy = x example 25,000%
At 90k Wmemo apy = x example 15,000%
At 100k wmemo apy = x example 10,000%
At 110k wmemo apy = x example 7500%

Use this model until apy = 50%

Once price of Wmemo is at a sufficient level Apy will be zero. However once Wmemo was to enter specific ranges earlier holders are made whole and will likely stay due to revenue share vs taking an opportune exit.

Let Dao vote determine all levels of apy. This will assure those who hold on the riskier end of the curve are always rewarded because right now people are only holding because they are down - that should never be the reason to hold a blue chip asset

Finally, stick to ONE clear and concise direction. Execute that plan and after that plan has been executed move to the next stage of the plan. No more zig zagging. Zig zagging doesnt create momentum it creates head winds. All of this communication of plans that go unexecuted become opportunistic fud.

It was great PR to execute buybacks, but not good PR when we still havent received air drops of assets the community was promised. Also not good PR to discuss a revenue share plan one day, then the next drop a merger plan on the community. Obviously bad communication strategy.

Top priority for this Dao and for Wonderland should be to restore the intrinsic value to the token asset.


I believe there will be another 50%+ drop when we swap to SPELL because 98b new minted tokens will enter the market, which is more than the current cap so GG to your money

u saved me a lot of writing

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