Make me the new leader (co-leader) of Wonderland

Many of us invested in Wonderland and believed in the future of this project. Unfortunately the events of the past week (price crash, liquidations, the news about wSifu) have potentially killed the project and we’re at risk of losing everything we have invested if we haven’t already.

This is a turbulent and critical moment. And we need leadership. I would like to volunteer to become the leader of Wonderland for a period of 6 months. I have 15 years of management experience in the tech industry at multiple megacap tech companies and I’ll dox myself if this makes it to a vote. To be clear, I am not a defi expert. But I am a long time participant in Wonderland and its surrounding ecosystem, I have excellent management experience, and I will bring governance mechanisms into this protocol so that it can operate professionally.

I take protections very seriously. For example, I was concerned when members of our Discord group celebrated wSifu buying shares back from his personal wallet well bellow backing before the buybacks began. Many celebrated this as bullish behavior. But I saw it as a conflict of interest that he bought with personal funds before initiating the treasury buyback. Many were liquidated for him to be able to buy at such prices.

Anyway, here is my platform (this is a quick WIP and I’ll work with you to refine and improve it).

  1. Introduce a new team of multi-sig individuals that are nominated and voted on by the community
  2. Initiate a 3rd party audit of the protocol’s code + all historic treasury transactions
  3. Create a treasury vision, roadmap, and set of investment principles that is voted on by the community (to clarify, I will not be making treasury decisions but plan to facilitate bringing on an expert to do these things with community support)
  4. Explore the best routes for doing right by Wonderland investors (whether it be to continue operating, give people the option to buy out, we’ll figure this out as a community and any proposals will be detailed with pros and cons)

To be clear, it might take time to get to step 4. We don’t even know what the true treasury balance is. But I will move as quickly as possible and will work very hard to do right by everyone. And I’ll work to find competent professionals to manage the treasury, improve documentation and communication, and institute governance.

This is not a proposal to remove Dani. Just to add an additional party to restore confidence in the project and create transparency. This would be a temporary role.

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Please note that I have no judgment about Dani. I give him the benefit of the doubt until more information is revealed. I will happily collaborate with him if that is what the community wants.

We need DeFI expertise, financial market structure knowledge, like a trader/fund manager/DeFi champion, and of course, someone that is extremely familiar with all the various ways to maximize income/yield from farming/staking/mining. . And above all, someone that will regain the trust and confidence of the owners of this platform (us)

However, you are certainly bringing up a very good point that will need be addressed eventually.

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I agree. I see this as a temporary position to put the team together and put structure in place. I don’t plan to make any treasury decisions.

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Well, we havent lost anything. Dani is doxxed. The multisigs have reputations to keep and are known personalities annon and not annon. Wsifu as of today is the only questionable character with multisig which i believe is no longer the case. No entity can run off with the money unless they all agree which benefits none.

The treasury is secure, i hope that fud can end. How much is the treasury value? Well their is the blockchain for that investigation, or if you believe it you can go to the fund option on the wonderland app to get an unaudited tally of the treasury value.

Only a doxxed team can run this project, dani was brave enough to dox. He did so at great danger but when your a public figure managing peoples futures and in some instances their life savings it requires a greater degree of detail of who you are. I wish he would have made a better decision on sifu, terrible judgement - but did he do right by the money before that, absolutely.

He has hurt the reputation of the project but yiu know what, with the amount of money the treasury has wonderland can farm its way to a 10 billion dollar market cap and isolate ourselves from the entire crypto community. We make 1 million per day in fees and we arent using all of the money.

I think its unfair to beat the guy up like he is some stranger in bad times, when we were throwing him daily parades when the price was 9k - by the way during that period bitcoin was 61k and eth was 4500.

I have zero defense for sifu, zero thats his bed. But us treating dani like a stranger is a judas flaw. He revived popsicle ice, it didnt have a over 500 million dollar treasury - you dont think he can recover this. Its just bad PR, its not bad technicals we make 1 million a day every day without trying.

I question everyones motives on the merge, but now that its off the table he has no other option but to execute, ship - or simply redistribute the treasury.

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Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I give Dani the benefit of the doubt. This isn’t about kicking him out of the project. It’s about restoring confidence in the team. If the community still wants him involved he absolutely should be.

Anyhow it’s clear from these initial reactions that this has proposal has no legs. I was just trying to be proactive and control our own fate.

Sorry if that felt not a slight, definitely wasnt. I would hate for this place to turn into the discords lol.

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Your point about the steps needed are sound as well as the point that Wonderland would benefit from a person with institution-building/operational experience given the events of the last week. I think that it would be hard for someone to emerge out of the community and be accepted into a such a role, particularly when everything is anonymous (although I note your willingness to Doxx). I think that Dani needs to take the lead in initiating this type of action for it to move quickly and stick, and also for the person to have the enabling conditions for success. I hope that he is thinking about this or reads your proposal.

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