Make our community more well informed

I think we can improve our communication to make our holders more satisfied about his/hers investments, also to have all the important informations with easy access for potential new investors.

Transparency is almost always a good way to be more clear than just respond community’s questions with “soon” (Q: wen [insert some announcement here] will be done? / A: soon)

Some of us seems to understand that dani is managing more than just wonderland

But for others it isn’t very clear, and all they see is a lack of updates - and then they just check wMemo current price

In my opinion, this could be improved by making announcements more often, like more detailed status of some tasks

(I’m aware that our team already is making more announcements and adapting to their new roles, but here’s a suggestion to improve what we already have)

I suggest new initiatives to improve our overall communication, like:

  • an oficial Wonderland youtube channel
  • tweet more often (even if just to engage more with community)
  • a summary of the proposals on our forum and the important discussions on our discord twice a week on email or on a discord text-channel (like “newspaper” or something)
  • etc…

I would like to point that less text = more people engaging or at least getting well informed.

If we can create things like not-so-long videos, well illustraded newsletter and other things on this direction, we probably will hold more attention

Of course some discussions can’t be too much summarized, but on the other hand, not everything need a 2000 words text to explain a single update or idea - we can make link to the original proposals, medium posts, etc.


Ser have you been looking at my drafts :eyes:

I think overall we are moving in that direction based on what some of the mods are working on. However, it is fair that we might need a way to better provide information on what is being worked on.

To address of few of your points:

  • A YouTube channel could be very nice to have, but it does require some amount of work. That said, we could be able to harness some of the work force from the community.
  • Only the Core Team currently has access to the Twitter account. That said, I agree that more tweets/better community engagement would by nice. @AliceInWonderland and I normally post the updates, but I do want to post more regularly about things I will be looking into. It doesn’t replace an official Twitter, but could be an improvement nonetheless.
  • Some mods are already drafting a first version of this. I am only working to include this in our new improved forum structure (which I should be posting for feedback in the coming days).
  • Sneak peek for the etc ? :eyes:

Lol maybe you just caught me :stuck_out_tongue:

Nice to hear that you guys are already going thru this direction.

Since you’re looking for better ways to provide informations, I would be happy to help the team if you need something. In fact, I work with marketing, so communication is something I can help

Here’s a suggestion for the youtube channel: could be done with some kind of deal (maybe a price per video, a referral program or something) with one channel that already talk about Wonderland. But this content would be posted on our own channel. Can be done doing partnership with more than just 1 creator tho.

About twitter, we can have a non oficial account, something like “Wonderland mod-team”, then you guys talk for yourselves, without needing too much approval, giving more speed to the communication. It would be like just “stretching” your speech power to one more (powerful) media.

About the forum, nice! Can’t wait to see the news :eye:


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