Make Sifu change his name back to Swappy-do Sifu

[CMP #6] - Make Sifu change his name back to Swappy-do Sifu


Make Sifu great again.

Provide a High Level Overview:

While there has been a great deal of controversy lately in Volta Club, one thing seems to stand out as the most significant and frankly deeply concerning issue: Sifu changing his name from the iconic “Swappy-do” Sifu to “The Dude” Sifu. This proposal seeks to overturn this grave, unjust, racist, sexist and transphobic decision.

Provide Low Level Details:

The day is Friday, 26th of January in the year of the lord 2024. There is, as usual, a lively discussion in the #vip-room channel happening about OTCs, wrong discords, cappuccinos and cheese scones. Tensions are high when the clock strikes 8:22am and Sifu posts the fateful message that shall come to define the following weeks of discourse: „No worries, just want to keep the discord groups clean. SV wanted to buy the volta dip, was short on stables other than illiquid eusd at the time, so we did a swappy-do. That’s the finance term.“.

The room erupts in laughter, tears are shed, unicorns are born. Rumors start instantly about Sifu changing his name to Swappy-do sifu. And a few hours later it happens. A calm came over the kingdom of Volta and all was well. Until February 10th when sifu decides in a swift and brutal move to change his name to „The Dude“ Sifu, leaving the Discord stunned and appalled. Sources close to him say he may have „been hit in the head too hard by Kano“. Rumors are running wild, questioning his sanity. Incidents in the Discord where he said he wants „a green yellow garbage truck with nunchucks“ and wants to bring back rebases after winning a trial by combat with another Discord user only add fuel to the fire.

This madness has to stop. We need to make Sifu see reason and change his name back to „Swappy-do“ Sifu. Make Sifu great again. It’s worth mentioning that Volta has lost 10% of its value since the name change to „The Dude“ Sifu. Coincidence? I think not. Help sifu find himself again. Help him find „Swappy-do“ and come back to us.

Business and/or technical requirements of the implementation of the proposal:

Just….you know….change the name in Discord.


This proposal does not specify a length of time that this CMP must be upheld. Is it a permanent name change? A minimum period of 30 days? Until the next quarter begins?

I fear that if we specify a timeframe that’s too long, he will vote no. Let’s just hope that he comes to his senses by himself after seeing the community rally and keep it forever. Possibly changing his legal name too. But that’s for a future CMP.

I think it’s important this be implemented before EoQ so the change can be priced into Liquid Backing.

I’ve only done quick numbers but I would speculate this effect would significantly increase the backing per Token. I could imagine significant value added to Treasury from this change alone, not to mention the positive effect this will have on our SV investment.

Direct to Snapshot.

To me this is a MUST.

He needs to go in there. Do some Swap-Swip-Swup-a-Sifu’s and get us back on track.

How else are we going to get to ATH’s? I mean, I don’t get it. Is no-one thinking about the kids these days?


Make Swappy-do Sifu great again!

Voting has now closed for CMP #6.

[CMP #6] - Make Sifu change his name back to Swappy-do Sifu has passed with 99% of votes in favor.