Make the treasury more Transparent

Currently, on the FUND page, we cannot see the total number of tokens for each of the assets. Rather it shows total asset value in USD. It is very difficult to understand what is happening in the treasury Wallets.

I propose the following updates to the FUND page,

    1. Add “total number of units” with each of the assets. Also keep the total price in USD.
    1. Add address of the each of the wallets at the beginning of the FUND page.
    1. Add another Transaction History page. For each of the transactions in the wallet, add a description why this has been performed.
    1. Add all treasury wallet address. (Claimable source too)
    1. Automate daily routine snapshot (Only keep the Units for each of the asset) of the wallets. (Implementing this should be very easy).
    1. Do nothing, current FUND page is clear enough.

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Too many bloody voting proposals.

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This is community governance people complained because of centralised governance and now when you get true DAO governance you are complaining?! Give the WL team a break

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In case you haven’t seen this, there is an RFC in progress for better treasury reporting/transparency.

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