Make the voting process go a bit faster (Read below)

EDIT: NalX Has clarified that not only can anyone start a snapshot but multiple votes can go on at once. Therefore I’ve closed those polls. Lets focus on time frames here on out!

Another EDIT: Potential better idea to change the snapshot vote time would be if the vote had over a certain percentage in favor or not in favor for a certain period of time…(3 days) (Overwhelming majority) It would close early.

It has come to my attention that once a snapshot vote starts. The duration cannot be changed. Bummer that was a really good idea.

(Entries with * have votes below)

As we know. Governance is essential for a healthy DAO but we also know that taking to long for things is not a good thing. I suggest that we reduce the time it takes for governance as follows…

The WIP template states that there needs to be at least 4 days to discuss the WIP before it is put to vote. Its already been discussed for weeks by the time it makes it to WIP. I suggest we reduce that to 2* days.

After those 2 days, I suggest once its a snapshot vote, the vote only lasts roughly half as long at 4* days.

*I also suggest that multiple votes can be voted on at once. There is no sense going one by one. Taking weeks upon weeks to get a single thing done.

*One last suggestion, and this being the most controversial suggestion is that the head of staff (Alice) can start snapshots. Right now, there is only 3 people (Dani ,Sifu, and token.eth) that can start a snapshot and they are all incredibly busy. If the governance takes place properly, I don’t see a reason why Alice cant push it to vote.

This can work if the staff has proper communication channels. Since we now have an official reddit, we have multiple youtubers covering wonderland, we have a twitter, and we have the new staff team managing the discord. These time changes shouldn’t be an issue as all the information can now properly be sent out to the community.

WIP time to snapshot
  • 2 Days
  • 3 Days

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Snapshot length
  • 3 Days
  • 4 Days
  • 5 Days

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Multiple votes at once
  • Yes
  • No

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Allow Alice to start snapshot votes as “Core”
  • Yes, allow Alice to start votes
  • No, do not allow Alice to start votes

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LETS DO THIS FOLKS. I think this is critical to the success of the DAO! No more waiting around for soooo long. Please vote. Voice your opinion.


2 days for review and 4 days for vote might be fine should the DAO wish to implement it.

More than one vote can happen. It just didn’t for X, Y & Z reason, so we good on that.

Based on the current framework. Anybody can start a snapshot as long as they have 100 TIME. So far it was the Core Team cause most proposal came from them. I was thinking that SkyH could have posted his, but the Core Team also took care of that one. Having to add the rev share farm to snapshot were part of the reason for the delay. Therefore, that part is done already :slight_smile:

You are two out of four already, how’s that for fast implementation ? Hehe…

More seriously, the transition from RFC to WIP should be the tricky part. This is to ensure that the WIP cover blind spots or is clear enough for the Core Team to implement when required. However, if a WIP is approved, unless there are major concerns and/or technical difficulties, those should be able to go up in the prescribed time if the Core Team doesnt require more review time.

For now, the current mod team can fill some of those gap, but it would be interesting to look at the idea of having a “policy” team to deal with this and have a certain authority.

Anyway, didnt have anything to set straight, just wanted to match the hype you had.

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Thanks for clarifying everything! I’ve made the post to kind of get the ball rolling if it gains traction and people have better ideas, it would be great!

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22 hours got you 7 to 12 votes in total turnout; I think that just plainly testifies to the ridiculousness of the proposal to have 2-3-4-5 day periods or whatever for selecting TMs, establishing paid functional units, etc.

This is the level of seriousness I was referring to as telegram microcap government structure.

In my opinion there is no need to make RFC quicker. But i would agree that if we are above 95% agreement in a WIP for 3day in a row, we don`t need to wait 7 days

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I like that idea alot actually! Added it into the post

Can’t be done. Also, would by sus if their would still be enough voting power to overturn a vote and close it early.

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