Making liquidated frogs below Dani & Sifu whole as promised

I would propose that Danielle (and potentially Sifu post vote out) keep their word to make frogs who were rekt in the liquidation cascade whole again as promised, from Danielle’s (and potentially Sifu) personal funds.

The backing failed, and the devs themselves were liquidated. When this happened, the red candles created during this event wiped out many including myself. As Dani mentioned on twitter, this was a coordinated attack, and the backing failed, and he intended to make those of us caught up in this situation whole once again. I would request that this promise is fulfilled, it should be done before a potential wind down of wonderland if that vote passes.

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I don’t think you can create a DAO proposal to have Dani/Sifu pay with their personal funds…
Many of us who were leveraged sold other assets to avoid this.
Those who leveraged were warned that buying back was a manual process and there could be big downward wicks that could wipe people out.

I disagree, this is a Wonderland centric discussion based around a promise the head developers gave the community. They should follow through.

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