Management Of Wonderland Social Media Pages (Community Ruled)


Wonderland is a fast growing community and ecosystem. Dani and Sifu have built this positive community based on the amazing utility that this project and ecosystem offers to its holders and investors.

This proposal aims to organically grow Wonderland on Social Media. Specifically on Instagram as well as Twitter. Standing at 149,000 Instagram followers and over 109,000 Twitter followers. We can use the amazing existing community that Dani and Sifu have created to outreach and grow exponentially using organic social media growth methods in order to reach our perfect target audience. We would do this by using relevant hashtags, keywords, posting viral video and photo content. Posting project updates, memes and tutorials. As well as involving the community as much as possible by reposting relevant content. Interacting in comment sections and referring users to the relevant resources offered.

My name is Colton and I have been in this community since October 23rd. As a current investor and owner of Internet Launch a marketing agency with over 800K combined Instagram followers on 14 accounts across 5 different niches. Reaching over 200 million people monthly. I vividly see the importance Defi has in changing finance forever and how having an established marketing plan, team and posting schedule can impact Wonderland positively. By continually growing the community. Educating the community and updating the community as a whole.

Organic growth is an amazing and low cost way to significantly grow a community and business in a professional manner. By creating a posting schedule and a small marketing team that maintains our voice. Educates and helps build up the community in a concise and professional manner. Only with the help and approval of the existing community.

This DAO discussion is a proposal to potentially allow Colton to coordinate and create content with the help of a small marketing team solely with community approval. That would work on Wonderland’s official social media pages and directly with the community. This discussion can lead to a [WIP] Wonderland Improvement Proposal, as an opportunity for the community to decide whether Colton and approved team members should be allowed to create and submit daily content to be approved by the community and then posted on the official Wonderland social media pages.


By having the ability to post relevant content on Wonderland’s social media. Colton and a carefully created team would be able to professionally execute daily content. Measure account KPIs and create a system in which content and decisions needs to be approved by majority vote by the existing community before it is uploaded to any social media profile.


Social Media is a key aspect of any business. Using the acronym AEPG below, I outlined important aspects of why this proposal was created and what it would do for our community.

Attraction: Attract and involve new and our existing target audience in our community.

Education: Educating our new targeted audience and current investors on why Defi is important. How Wonderland, DAO’s and our ecosystem works and how they can get involved themselves.

Professionalism: By having a majority vote on every aspect of our marketing materials. This allows community members to approve or disapprove all decisions made and maintain a professional and productive environment.

Growth: By growing the community on social media, this can help increase the amount of holders in our ecosystem. This will allow holders to be more educated on the protocol and also build more social proof and trust with all new and current investors and investments.

Next steps:

Having an informal discussion about marketing material and schedules. Interviewing and creating a small marketing team of experienced individuals educated on the protocol. Discussing how we would implement a working system for the community to vote on content and all marketing decisions.

Each marketing decision, as well as the possible creation of a team would all be voted on by the community. As well as adhering to all governance frameworks to potentially later release an RFC and a vote on the dedicated WIP.

Thank you all for considering and please leave your thoughts or any suggestions below.


I get this Idea, but why don’t we just hire a full-time marketing employee or community manager? Or is this implicitly what you are suggesting? If so what is your salary etc.

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