Me wmemo is missing says been send back to wonderland anyone help

I’ve not been on the site for a month n return to no wmemo but says it’s been sent to wonderland


Can you paste your wallet address here so we can look into it ? Thanks


So if you look at the transaction you screenshotted you can see the address your wMEMO was sent to.
If you look at that address, looks like they switch it to AVAX and sent it to another wallet.

If this wasn’t you, then you wallet is compromised. Transfer the BSGG you have out of there (if you want it) and don’t use that wallet again… Sorry for your loss :confused:

There’s no way they have my seeds,and it’s jus wmemo touched,says was sent to wonderland as was same address used for wrapping it to wmemo?

I don’t know why snowtrace does that, but if you look at the address you see when you mouse over and the actual address in the transaction it’s not the same.

In the wrapping transaction it still says wMEMO.
In the transfer transaction, it gives you the other address.

Also, if you click on the wMEMO address, you can see there is a lot more transaction than what I linked above.

Do you have a hard wallet like Ledger or Trezor ? There is more than one way to drain a wallet. Don’t always need the seed phrase.

Ye I I have one jus not on wonderland :sob:

Im sorry about that! :frowning: