Memo holder: best approach


I’m currently holding Memo and getting rebases regularly.

To my understanding, in order to enter the Revenue Sharing I need to Wrap and then stake.

Will I still get my Memo rebases? or just the BSGG?

Apart from wanting to sell, is there a reason for not wanting to Wrap and Stake wMemo?

Thank you

No reason not to wrap. You get both. Keep in mind the rebase don’t actually provide value.

I’d suggest you do it sooner rather than later as the APR drops the more people are staked :slight_smile:

In my understanding, there is only one difference between $MEMO and $wMEMO at the moment:

  • $Memo price is pegged (to TIME), so you always hold a variable (increasing) amount of $Memo tokens (increasing every 8 hours with rebase) ; and $Memo market price automatically decreases proportionally. As a result, you always hold the same $ amount, except normal price fluctuations in the market.
  • The only difference of $wMemo: it automatically shows the floating market price for your hodl’d assets with a fixed token amount instead of a variable one.
  • So, basically; if you multiply your ($Memo amount x price) , it should always be equal to the ($wMemo price x amount).

I’ve been trying hard to understand this shit too, would appreciate if anybody could confirm or correct.

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Seems pretty correct to me. Might be better way to explain wMEMO to incorporate the rebase aspect, but in the end it comes down to what you said.

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