MEMO holders as well as wMEMO holders must be considered!

In any of the upcoming votes, MEMO holders must also be considered. MEMO holders are still staking!
It was positioned as optional to wrap MEMO and the biggest incentive to wrap was to participate in the planned revenue shares.
Nowhere was it communicated that one MUST wrap ones MEMO in order to vote.
Now the website is down and it’s impossible to wrap until it’s back up.

MEMO holders are already ELIGIBLE to vote. Snapshot derives your TIME count from MEMO & wMEMO.

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Have you tried wrapping in the Abracadbra vaults?

well time wonderland site is down now which i believe is due snowtrace dns issue. so would anyone know what to do now to wrap it then or if ever it goes perma down? memo holder is SOL

Thank You for clarifying – because everywhere I look I just see wMEMO. Perhaps just another thing that is not being communicated clearly.

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