MEMO issue!

Hi there, I have been absent from Wonderland for some time (January) and have just started back checking on my investment. I hold MEMO in my Metamask which was “Staked” and is still re-basing in Metamask and growing. When i access Wonderland, there is no balance showed for MEMO at all?

I am under the impression that i need to convert to wMEMO in order to move to the next stage. Can you please tell me 1. Why my balance is not shown in the Wonderland App, and 2. how to convert from MEMO to wMEMO please?

First check if you are on Avalanche network and access the dashboard from Wonderland
Your staked memo will be under “stake” tab check there first if your haven’t wrap your memo into wMEMO and staked it on the farm I would also check on with your address to see if there has been any outgoing tx you didn’t make since you last access WL dapp.

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In the “Staked” tab on Wonderland, my MEMO balance shows as 0 - zero - no balance? But my metamask shows over 300 MEMO’s?
I checked my address on Snowtrace and it shows no activity for 147 days, only my activity before that and no one else’s (Not been removed by anyone else).
I am stumped! I agree, if i go to the Staked tab it should be there! but its not? In metamask the MEMO is still Rebasing as well???
Please help!
Thank you

Make sure you have connected the same wallet to Wonderland that is holding MEMO. It should state your wallet address under the Wonderland logo. You can disconnect and reconnect to make sure it’s the right one.


If all else fails clear cache, cookies and restart your browser and/or try on a different browser, are you using any hardware wallet?


You were on the money! Just by clearing my Cache my balance is now showing! Thank you so much!


I have been absent from the site for a couple of months and just logged in today. All my Time assets are gone! There’s nothing there to convert to wMEMO. How do you define theft differently from this? This was my money and it’s all gone. What a shameful scam this turned out to be. I can understand losing money because the value goes up and down. But being cleaned out by the admin is robbery, pure and simple. No email, no contact, nothing. Just confiscated. What a disgrace!

Please check on or under history tab if there are any out going tx you didn’t make during your absence, and see which wallet your memo were transferred to.

Thanks for your reply. I shouldn’t have to spend my time tracking down the money that Wonderland took from my account illegally, without my knowledge or approval. Please return the money immediately.
What exactly down this mean " if there are any out going tx you didn’t make during your absence"
No, I don’t want to waste my time to register on other web sites and then scroll through thousands of texts. I just want my money back. It’s my money and it does not belong to Wonderland. Stop stealing and return the money!

Paste your public wallet address here if you want some help with your issue. I also want to clarify that nobody from the protocol can steal your tokens from the smart contract.

If you are actually missing tokens, it’s most likely your own fault. But we are more than happy to check your transaction history before pointing fingers.

My account is empty. No tokens. I made no transactions other than the original deposit sometime last October or November. No withdrawals. So it must be my fault that I am missing tokens? You’re not short on nerve, I can tell you that. You took money without my consent or approval and now it’s my fault? And where should I be pointing fingers at? Incompetence or dishonesty?

This address has 24.52 staked Time DeBank | Your DeFi wallet
Where is the missing funds?

You are not actually missing any funds, just click wrap button as the image shows and then wrap MEMO to wMEMO. Keep in mind that you might need to approve the token before wrapping. So 2 transactions in total. Then you are free to sell or stake this new wMEMO token under the farm page. If you wish to sell, use KyberSwap - Swap and earn tokens at the best rates to receive the best price possible.