Memo vs. wMemo


I am pretty new to this and sorry if some questions seem stupid but can somebody please explain/confirm

  1. I wrapped MEMOs to wMEMO and now instead of getting increase in MEMO every rebase 1 wMEMO should be worth more MEMOs - right?

  2. This change should be seen once I unwrap - right?

  3. ROI 5 day rate should be valid for wMEMO tracking - right?

  4. My Metamask wallet shows approx. 1 000 000 000 times more wMEMOs than what I actually have (and showed in Wonderland) , instead of having 0.0 it is integer → this worries me a bit

Thanks for answers in advance

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  1. Yes.
  2. Yes.
  3. Yes.
  4. This happened to someone else recently. Not sure if they were able to fix it. However, it should only be a visual glitch. If you look at your transaction it should be fine. Could try resetting metamask and clearing cookies/cache, but not sure if it works or not.

Thank You very much

Sorry ,

one more question - I don’t understand really why is wMEMO better than MEMO?

In the long run, it will provide more utility. wMEMO can be crosschain, not MEMO.

I’m stuck how do I wrap my memo and go thru sushi swap I need help ?

You can wrap on the website using the wrap button (top right - put your phone sideways on mobile).

You only go to Sushi if you want to buy or sell.