Merge wl and sifu vision!

and then there’s this. enuff said. SIFU becomes TM by default, and there will be no DAO, but a strong community to grow by. strong brains, constant updates, strong treasury, strong token. ( dani will do dani like dani always does, whatever he decides to do). yeah, frankly i think it’s not only good, but sweet destiny.

SIFU did not endorse this post (hell he’s not even aware of it), and it’s views are not necessarily the views of SIFU. so… leave him alone if you don’t like the idea.


I like the idea. We definitely need to discuss this proposal. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Lets not go down that road again.

Don’t get me wrong, I think Sifu did a decent job as TM and it was FUD that brought on the whole mess that followed but that is the point. If we were to bring him back it would be a matter of time before FUD messes everything up again. Sifu himself was smart enough to reaize that and start his own thing.

Lets keep them separate and allow Grasshopper to do his job as TM.


understand your point of view, and no offense meant to skyhopper. but sifu is founder, and sifu is SIFU. sorry, but i remain on this one but respect your opinion.

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If this is a serious proposal, please include the [DAO Discussion] tag in the title.

Also, it would be nice to have more details on why this is the best option and why Wonderland can’t or shouldn’t continue on it’s own/without Sifu.

Would also need a lot of negotiation details about the merger, but I guess this can come on the next steps if it moves forward.


agreed @NalX. I feel as though this post is too vague as structured.


if it went anywhere, i leave details to sifu and dani to work out/propose. i am not guru. nal, i will tell you what this is intended for. SKY is TM for now on a 90 day contract. and it is not meant to be an affront to him. he has his time and should be judged on his performance and that is that. however sifu and dani founded WL. it was a HUGE hit. And, I have read 100s of posts from SIFU over months and months. I still do. he has proven his knowledge and skill in crypto and defi. he has always been fully transparent once he was doxxed, and to this day remains active in the community regularly. he has been a straight shooter. he ran… nowhere. i also happen to think that as a team sifu & dani may be unstoppable. others got in the middle of them. i am not the one to decide the details, but i do not know if it’s not destiny they should be re-united and for the best for all. to me it’s still an open question. that is why this has been posted. people can take it as seriously or as unseriously as they wish, but do not take it as an insult to sky. he came in during rough times and deserves his shot in the meantime. and sifu and community are not standing in his way either.

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Not sure if this is a serious proposal but I will treat it as one anyways. Sifu has already stated he does not wish to return to wonderland due to personal reasons (there was a previous proposal to bring him back as TM). Therefore, this proposal is probably not really a viable option.

read my disclaimer in the post please. and it’s nothing like was discussed before. you may want to read it again. also, i would refer you to my prior to reply to comment by Nal above for the rest as to why i posted this. thank you. and as stated, its as serious or unserious as people want to make it. beauty in eye of beholder. thank you.

Sifu is a good manager.

I want to have a SifuPatromum option on redemption.

Sifucadabra must be built. Real business built by real people.

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If you are serious about this direction you should take some time to write up a [DAO discussion] proposal. I would suggest you make it as WL invest in SV more than a merge and one cease to exist (That’s what a merger is, ones identity has to cease and leave only one) So by having WL invest in SV then the 2 protocols stay independent because WL is VC and SV is a one man hedge fund, they operate differently. We would like to hear more from you though because this is an interesting topic. :slight_smile:

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i think a formal proposal i wrote up would be a more extreme than that. my drive would be to get sifu & dani under the same umbrella again. as the executive management. which maximizes my investment in them. any feedback you want to give is welcome. sifucadabra… interesting…

thank you for the fine comments. a formal proposal i wrote up would be a more extreme than what you are thinking, yes. my drive would be to get sifu & dani under the same umbrella again. as the co-executive management. which maximizes my investment in them. i couldn’t proceed to formalize and elevate this topic any further unless sifu & dani both said they’d be open to this option. otherwise, waste of time. if the discussion topic continues to get traction, i would ask them.

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