Meta Mask is a Scam Place to Swap Memo for wMemo

Please help
Yesterday I swapped my 506Memo for the promised 0.30 wMemo in MetaMask, but so far, I have gotten just 0.03wMemo, and MetaMask is telling me that I actually signed for that deal ???

I explained to them in detail that I have staked my Memo tokens for more than a year now, and I was utterly aware what is the current swapping value in wonderland site of 506 Memo → 0.21… wMemo, but I saw a better deal in MetaMask, and that is why I signed for it.

And now, basically, MetaMask swap robbed me with $5000

Yup. Sounds about right. Using Metamask to trade any tokens is a big no no pretty much 100% of the time. You should use a DEX or a CEX when possible.

Wrapping it on the Wonderland website is always the recommended option. If you can link that transaction we can look to confirm if that’s what really happened. Metamask probably sold MEMO/TIME and got rekt by the liquidity/slippage and bought wMEMO with what was left.

Honestly, I’d say you were lucky to get out with 0.21 wMEMO. I would have expected you to get much less using Metamask :hear_no_evil: