Minting Overhaul!

So far, we can only mint with two different assets and their respective liquidity tokens.

I propose a completely new way of minting: Custom asset minting. This would work in the same way that normal minting works, but the discount would be affected by the amount of liquidity that exists in general for a certain asset, preventing people from minting using low liquidity shitcoins. The more liquidity that exists outside of the protocol the higher the discount would be, and the higher the demand for minting in general the higher the discount rate.

Basically, you can mint with any crypto you want.

I think custom asset minting would naturally diversify the treasury, and attract new investors.

What do you guys think?


I could try to help develop it too!

We don’t want random shitcoins filling our treasury???

I could see offering minting from a few other major-cap coins like Bitcoin n Eth, but I hella don’t want somebody to drop a bag of Elon Floki Moon-Coin on us. LOL.


I would love to see a section on the dashboard similar to JADE or Metaverse pro that shows your mints on the Dashboard page instead of having to click multiple times into the mint page to see how much you have available to redeem etc! .

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so what happens when you “ZAP” to mint?
I mean what happens to the coin you use assuming that is not one that is “accepted” (wAvax, Time-MIM Time-Avax or MIM).
is the coin just swapped to one of this? or it goes to the treasury?

Why would this ne beneficial? We dont want the treasury full of random tokens