Minting with other LP tokens

I read a lot about the rebase protocol and from what i learned the most profitable operation for the treasury is minting.

I think minting with lp tokens is very profitable for both our treasury (with lp tokens the treasury gets both the value of the token and the fees from swaps and possible liquidity mining) and Liquidity providers (as they get a 5-10% “safe” return in 5 days).

Rebasing DAOs have shown the ability to have a “self sustaining” liquidity, solving the problem of liquidity providers selling right affter the pair stops trending.

Based on all the information above i think the protocol should have a new minting function where you can mint with other pair of assets.

  • How to choose if a pair can be listed?

idk really, but, being a holder of everrise, i got inspired by their everown subscription and i think that something similar should be implemented, in my view a project can subscribe to the “wonderland liquidity program” by paying some mims or time tokens to the protocol (treasury growth) and get the license to list it’s lp tokens in this new minting section.

  • Why the hell should a project do it ?
    When the liquidity is holded by wonderland you are sure that there will be no rug pulls and that the liquidity is going to stay there, so as a project you get more trust.

  • Why should a liquidity provider use this?
    Liquidity providing and yield farming is a long term gain strategy and you expose yourself to impermanent loss, by minting or bonding you can have an alternate short term gain strategy

  • What dex should the protocol support?
    This should be voted by the community.

Those are just some ideas, feel free to express your thoughts or even roast every sentence i’ve written :smiley:


It’s definitely something to consider and I believe the team is looking at adding more options.

Some of the things (mainly the LP) you pointed out have been discussed in this post and the replies:

The main issues comes about the fact that we don’t just everything is the treasury, so it takes a solid project for us to consider adding it to the foundation of this project.

As for the DEX, if the Sushi management change to Dani and team is approved, I’m guessing that will be it.


Okay that’s already cool, our treasury will only benefit by investing in different projects,

the thing i want to point out is the subscription to the “liquidity program” i mentioned, i know that we don’t want bad assets in our treasury but if we have a subscription fee for project listing even if the project doesn’t gain much attention we benefit from it because the fee goes directly to the treasury and is payed in mims or time.

The fee could grow over time or be decided by the community.

as for the DEX idk, dani said that Sushi will be an order book, so no liquidity providing, but i guess we need to wait to know.

thank you for your reply!

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Speaking of EverRise, I believe that to be one of the most undervalued projects in crypto right now. Who thinks it might be wise to invest a portion of our treasury (say under 5%) in what I like to call blue chip sh*tcoins - projects that are widely considered safu but are still newish and/or undervalued based on their utility and the teams behind them?

I mean you should probably make a separate post for this and explain why it would be a good idea. But then we risk the chance of getting front run. Also 5%, even 1% of our treasury is a shit load of money to invest in any type of “shitcoins”.

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I’m okay with investing in other projects but i think that this is a “problem” of our treasury manager, even if i really like a project and i would invest in it i think Sifu is more experienced in investing than the most of us.

This post is about adding some utility to the rebase system for other projects.

as i mentioned above once a project is launched having the option to sell liquidity to a protocol is so much better than relying on liquidity providers alone (wich can sell their lps once lp farms are no more profitable), my idea is to leverage this trait and make it a “service” for other projects.

Thanks a lot for your reply!