Missing Time that was previously staked

Hi there. I had been staking for quite a while and when i logged in the other day to check my balance everything had been updated and I do not show my staked balance anymore. I read through the other questions that others had posted and i verified that no transactions had taken place on my wallet. Any help would be appreciated. Id is 0xcfDB6A398bD7b5A6f372c0aaf0F48FDdd3cBb21C

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Please wrap your MEMO to wMEMO.

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When i attempt to do so it says I dont have any to wrap

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Hmmm the wallet you linked is empty.

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If your wallet is 0xe373f93dc04fd5788c18aba465cc07706f4d1a94 you have MEMO which needs to be wrapped. You can then stake wMEMO under the farm page or sell with Kyberswap.

AimerJerryboa posted a link to wrapping instructions if you need that.

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Hello. I wrapped my memo as requested but now it’ says l have no wrapped memo. How can l find out what happened to it. Thank you.

Do you still have MEMO ? If so, its possible you only approved and not wrapped.

It is a two transaction process.


No. I approved. Now l have neither memo or wrapped memo.

Can you paste your address so we can look into it ?


Thank you.

Checking on snowtrace it looks like you “transfer” out your memo to this address Avalanche Transaction Hash (Txhash) Details | SnowTrace
If you have wrapped successfully it would be showing as
instead of

So does that mean l didn’t wrap. If so where did it go. It’s not showing as memo in my account.

My mistake, it seems your memo/avax have been transferred out to this address 0x4444706D46D5e058bF61e77baDa49aC94FE93e50 44 days, your wallet is most likely compromised and got hacked, sorry for your loss :frowning: