More thoughts on marketing, big picture strategy

As a crypto newbie, with modest resources and little real DAO knowledge, I’m hesitant to contribute, but here goes…

If the community intends to attract more small to medium-sized investors, there are two significant problems to overcome from my perspective. Firstly there are the corrosive claims on social media that very high APYs are correlated with scams or rugs. Secondly, there are high knowledge barriers to engagement.

But before these issues are addressed, I’d like to suggest that to be effective; a marketing strategy requires a clear focus. Yes, I want to make a profit from Wonderland/Spartacus, but there are other ideas just as important to me, such as decentralisation and democratisation.

So assuming any marketing budget to be finite, who is the target audience; potential long term community members or just anyone with cash to invest? There is no one answer, but a frank discussion might lead to a more explicit strategy ahead of any marketing campaign/promotion.

This is my first posting, so be gentle.


Marketing is the current Achilles of wonderland. Team really needs to come up with a way to expand potential investors beyond the current crypo defi enthusiasts. I agree the ultra high APY% is not a great a metric. It way be an actual APY of “TIME” but your underlying value could go down unless very specific conditions over the 12 months occur which will likely never happen.