Moving Forward with Wonderland

Now that rage quit has ended, we need a clear roadmap for moving forwards, what are goals, what is the timeline, and who is doing it.

Here is my proposal:
There are 1000 good ideas in discord and this forum alone, we should make a list of which are most wanted and vote on it, profit sharing is one at the top, and so on.
Developers and people who run a project should then see how long these ideas should take to be implemented and make a timeline on it.

One of the proposals I think we should make is to switch to a more decentralized hedge fund, maybe even making something like ( is a hedge fund, just like wonderland, but they invest in the stock market instead of crypto, you make AI stake on it and then both you and they profit) but not using AI. By switching to a similar model we can highly profit, and people who suggest great ideas get rewarded.

The problem with wonderland was that only Sifu made decisions on investing, and he was great at it, not good great, but when it was found out who he was, it open door to all possible conspiracy theories. If decisions are made by governance voting, we isolate ourselves from this.

The last thing I propose is weekly updates, this would give everyone in this project confidence that work is getting done.

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As an FYI, there is a Wonderland 2.0 proposal. Your title might make it confusing. You may want to rename it.


Stock market:

  1. ETFs like SPY
  2. Bonds like IGIB
  3. Dividend paying stocks that overtime create exponential growth that will increase our treasury significantly over time.


  1. Stablecoins that will keep up with inflation. The dollar is dying. So somehow stake these coins to keep our treasury from losing buying power overtime.
  2. Bitcoin, Ethereum and Avalanche are no brainers to invest in at the right price.

Maybe start a burn pile from liquidity???

Please comment suggestions.

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