My Account wipped out

Hi Guys please can anyone help. I did some staking on Time wonderlan 3 weeks ago. I have check for some progress couple of times. I logged in yesterday the 27th of December , to my greatest surprise my Time/Token or memo, all wiped out, zero zero. i would like to know what happened with my investment. I invested 6k of my hard earned money, the money was meant for my training fees. I thought i would earn extra cash by staking it and now it gone. please someone help me. Tell me please what have i done wrong. i need some explanation.

Have you been overleveraged?
Is any trace found in your wallet, in the Latest Activity tab?
Were you hacked?

yes there are few transaction made . i saw some traces but that wasnt me. does it mean someone transfered all my of my investment to his own wallet?

Yes, it seems that someone took your stuff. Either a hacker, or someone you know or had your password.
Either way, if i were you i’d change every password i have and trace my steps back to how someone might’ve hacked me. Maybe you clicked a link in an email or you gave your information without knowing.
And scan your PC for keyloggers and stuff.
I’m not an expert, but i saw many people on Youtube in your situation.

There is a #support-chat section on Discord. You will be better off asking there and having someone look into it for you. But from what you have mentioned your seed phrase was most likely compromised some how. Going forward you should invest in a hardware wallet (Ledger, Trezor) and you should not use that wallet again.

please let me know to reach those support chat you mentioned. This issue has really broken me down so much. I am really greatful to you and Xorinz for taking out your precious time to point me in the right direction. God bless you both.

What’s wrong with your account and did you talk to support yet ?

Join the Wonderland discord. There’s a link to the discord on the Wonderland twitter profile. Once you’ve joined, there’s a channel called #Support-chat. You can post your question there and someone will help you out. Don’t want to give you false hope of getting your stuff back, but they might be able to tell you what happened.

Ok Sir thanks. I do appreciate your help.

My wonderland account was wiped out… i am still in shock of the thing. The 6k i staked was my Training fees… Could you immagine such a thing? I am currently preparing for my exams coming up on the 17th of January 2022, but i can´t even concetrate any more because the loss.