My memo is lost. MY STAKING TIME IS LOST

hey! i have staked 4 times on wanderland. but now no stake balance is being shown on the website as well as in my metamask wallet. my wallet is connected correctly. it is showing 0 memo and 0 stake balance. I have confirmed that there is no any kind of transaction from my wallet. what is the issue ? please help me

Can you put your address so we can look at it on snowtrace


The last 6 transaction is someone unstaking amd send your stuff to another wallet.

If that’s not you then yoir wallet is compromised. I would transfer out the remaining stuff to another wallet asap of you want to keep it.

its not me. this was all that i had. these all are my savings. who did that. i have not shared my wallet address with anyone. please i want them back please. i took loan as well so that i may earn more

wanderland officials must help me. because i have been scammed then. i can show you that i have not shared my wallet with anyone. and there must be some hackers behind that. wanderland security is compromised. i trusted wanderland. i have staked my money for more than 4 months and i was recovering my loss. but in the end my money is lost. please compensate it please i have to clear my loan

Ser there is a lot a ways to ger access to someone’s wallet. If Wonderland had been hacked, they would most likely go for some of the bigger wallets first, or even all of them.

You could have connected to a malicious site and they got your seedphrase. Could have been a malware on your computer. Unsure, but it was not a Wonderland hack.

Unfortunately, Wonderland is not responsible for individual being hacked. Compensation is not an option.