My MEMO shows as 0

My MEMO balance shows as 0 as I follow instructions to wrap. How can I find where my tokens are?

If you type your address in it will show you what tokens you have.

If you wrapped it, then your MEMO would now be wMEMO. If you stake it on the farm, it doesnt show in your wallet, but you can still track on Zapper.

Great, this helped me as well!
Now, if I would like to unstake instead of wrap, do you know where to find this option? It is not shown in the dashboard…

There is no logical reason to unstake, but you can do so also under the wrap button. Just click the arrow between TIME > MEMO to convert it. There is a high possibility that you will lose money when you sell TIME instead of wMEMO due to the lower liquidity.

We really recommend wrapping your MEMO to wMEMO and selling it using KyberSwap - Swap and earn tokens at the best rates if you wish to exit your position.


thank you for your swift reply!
I wrapped them to wMEMO about 30 mins ago; how fast should they be available? Right now my balance states 0 wMEMO and it should be around 0.05 (123,75 TIME).

Should be instant. It is a two step process so maybe you only did the first one (approve). Make sure to refresha and try again.

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