My MEMO tokens showing Zero in my wallet even though that are stakes on the Wonderland Treasury Network - Please help

Hi I Have my TIME tokens ( based in the Avalanche network) currently stakes on the wonderland Network site, which is converted to MEMO that collect Rebase rewords. A Few Days ago my wallet showed that i have zero tokens ever showing In my wallet. I had staked .207609196 MEMOries (MEMO) tokens staked on the wonderland site and not in my wallet its showing zero -
also there is no other transaction history of my find going to another account

The transaction that you screenshotted is your MEMOs going from your wallet to another address. It is not the staking transaction.

I assume your wallet is compromised or you are looking at your wrong wallet.

Are your tokens wrapped or just staked?

Doesnt look like there is a wrapping transaction in his history.

Im in the same boat…Staked Memo from NOV 21 has disappeared. Currently have open discussions with


Wonderland.Money HelpDesk @iracristy

Can they be trusted? This sucks…

There is no help desk. The #support-chat is the only help and they don’t talk in private. All in the open.

Same here… my staked Memo is missing… who do we ask help with?

I have the same problem. Both my AVAX and wMEMO has been transferred out of my MetaMask wallet in the last 24 hours. I’ve emailed MetaMask and they said they’d look into it…I had wrapped my MEMO

I’ve removed the scam email address

Ma che mail fraudolenta è mai questa?
Una Gmail per assistenza hahahaha
Saranno spariti davvero quei fondi oppure non avete saputo giocare coi vostri dispositivi???
Se i fondi non ci sono avete MetaMask compromesso, siete stati hackerati,oppure questo è successo a wonderland per alcuni indirizzi per ora…

Il problema potrebbe anche essere nei wmemo se avete wrappato di corsa i vostri memo senza fermarsi a pensare PERCHÉ? ahhh l’ha detto Daniele :rofl::rofl::rofl: pensate con la propria testa!


Qualsiasi persona fosse riuscita ad avere un guadagno dai MEMO, nel giro di pochi giorni wrappando in WMEMO ha perso di più rispetto a chi ha lasciato MEMO che avrà perso 18/20%

My guy. That’s a scam. MetaMask wont be using a gmail account.

If you wallet has been emptied than assume its compromised and create another one.

Oh crap! I’ve responded to their email and I’ve entered my seed phrase into a webpage they said would restore my wallet!!

You know… When people say NO ONE will ever ask for your seed phrase. They mean it lol

Yep, good lesson. Lucky the wallet was already empty! So no further losses.

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