My name is Carlos, I'm from Brazil, I would like some information, I turned my TIME into wMEMO and put it on STAKE to earn BSGG, but my wMEMO is not having the same income when they were TIME????

My name is Carlos, I’m from Brazil, I would like some information, I turned my TIME into wMEMO and put it on STAKE to earn BSGG, but my wMEMO is not having the same income when they were TIME???


You don’t lose anything from having wMEMO, it works differently.

Your amount stays the same, but it is worth more MEMO every rebase.
The best way to track it is using

See below for more details:

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please send me the link for me to translate, my language is portuguese, i don’t understand english.

Hey, I forgot you could not copy the text from the image. I will try to explain it as simple as possible to ensure the translation works properly.

  • When you have MEMO, you get more MEMO every 8 hours.
  • When you have wMEMO, your wMEMO is worth more MEMO every 8 hours.
  • If you were to exchange your wMEMO for MEMO, you would get more MEMO than when you initially wrapped it.

At launch, 1 wMEMO = 1 MEMO.
Now, 1 wMEMO = 772 MEMO.

So if you bought 1 wMEMO at first, you would still have 1 wMEMO, but it would be lot a lot more MEMO.

Does that make sense ? Let me know if it is not translating properly :slight_smile:

I got this. How do I see the growth or increase in MEMO fractions, I ask because I can’t have an idea of ​​growth because the wMEMOs are still the same they are in stake for a long time on the farm and they don’t increase. Only thing I earn are BSGG Tokens. I’m even thinking about taking it off the farm and leaving it in STAKE normal, so the wMEMO can grow.???

wMEMO won’t grow. If you want more, you need to buy more.

In terms of profits or returns, you need to follow the price like most tokens.

I clicked harvest from bssg token and they never returned me token to wallet wonderland have stolen everything, no scammers just wonderland website how do I receiver my staked wmemo ?

Can you paste your address ?


The tokens are in your wallet. You can look it up on

You probably didn’t import the token to your wallet, import this:

Where do I find that myself ? So I can copy from the source

Snowtrace here:

or BSGG website here (AVAX):

Ok so is that my bssg token but what about all my wmemo where that

Also zapperfi says wonderland still have my wmemo but wonderland site says I have nothing there , sorry if I’m coming across as a dick I just genuinely not very good at this

All good! Your wMEMO is in the farm, that’s why it doesn’t show in your wallet, and Zapper says that Wonderland has it.

You need to unstake to have it back, but if you do, you wont get BSGG.

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Here’s my question, I got TIME instead of Wmemo, should I swap then? I have about 3k memo right now.

if you have MEMO. You can wrap it clicking on the WRAP button on the top left on the main website

Kind in mind that it’s two transaction, one to approve, one to wrap. Better to refresh your browser after approving.

It’s being currently staked. So if I wrap it, I could still remain staked and receive MEMO? After I Wrap, can I unstake, lets say 20 memo coins so I can swap it for AVAX? Would I receive Wmemo or TIME in my wallet?

So if you wrap your MEMO. You’ll get wMEMO.

Every rebase, that wMEMO will be worth more MEMO. So you can sell your rebase by either unwrap part of it (not recommended) or by selling the portion of wMEMO equivalent to how many MEMO you want to sell.

If you have 1 wMEMO (worth 100 MEMO) and want to sell 20 MEMO worth, then you can go on Sushi and sell 0.2 wMEMO. You’d have 0.8 wMEMO left (worth 80 MEMO).

Also, I’d recommend you stake your wMEMO on the farm to earn some BSGG at around 15% APR.