My staked Time has disappeared

I no longer see my staked Memo in my account. What happened?

Please check the dashboard if you see any balance there. You can also check your wallet history with or paste your public wallet address here.

If you had MEMO, you will need to wrap it into wMEMO under the wrap button. (MEMO to wMEMO tab).
wMEMO is our main token since we deprecated TIME/MEMO.

wMEMO can be staked under the farm page or sold via

I had staked my Time which ultimately appeared as wMemo. Now all my balances are zero.

Could you share the wallet address?


Something happened 15 days ago and 20.58 MEMO got sent out of your wallet to this address: 0xe0c89378430b5e41387ed421e7802b26fab60fb5

They swapped it for AVAX a bit later.

I don’t think this is your other wallet because it looks like it belongs to a scammer/hacker…

This is a security failure on your part. There is no transaction in my Metamask account over the past year or so. And I am not the only one who had this issue. Numerous people who had put their trust in your project had the same issue in recent weeks or months. This raises many suspicions. What is your management doing to resolve this? I am a poor guy, who trusted you. What have you guys been doing to help us?

Every user takes full responsibility on the security of their crypto wallets, we can only guide you to buy an hardware wallet to avoid these things. Transactions are not visible in the Metamask history tab, only snowtrace/debank. The attackers usually make the victim click a link or infect them with malware that steals the funds. This is in no way our fault, you need to be extra careful when using a hot wallet.

We have security tips posted on Discord, unfortunately these things happen in every protocol on DeFi.

I have many other hot wallets. Never faced such an issue. I understand things are difficult, especially, for crypto exchanges or projects like yours. If FTX can go down, anything is possible. But, FTX subscribers still have hope to recover what they had invested. You guys may be facing a similar situation. I am ready to let go of my investment in your project. But, I need a solid explanation from you. I don’t know if you are the right guy to respond to me. I give you all the time to speak to your project owners and get back to me. Thanks!

I can’t give you any explanation because it’s impossible for me to know what caused you to get compromised. I can only tell you that it wasn’t any of our smart contracts or our official website. I have used the website and all of the smart contracts almost since day one and never had an issue. Please check your browser history, scan your PC for viruses and don’t use the same wallet again.

I understand you are upset and I’m sorry for your loss but your pointing fingers at the wrong direction here. Best of luck in the future.

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First of all, I’m sorry for your loss. But you have to understand that if your wallet got hacked, it has nothing to do with Wonderland, nor can Wonderland do anything about it.

If you did not use hardware like Ledger to secure your wallets, then that’s entirely on you unfortunately. Hacking in the crypto space has become more prevalent and insidious. Even by clicking on a malicious link accidentally could expose your PC to keyloggers (software that allows hackers to steal passwords) or scammers could create identical websites with near identical urls to try to trick unsuspecting users.

Right now, the best way to prevent majority of those is via hardware, as each transaction needs to go through the physical device before it can be executed. This is not 100% foolproof, as you can still click on a scam smart contract, and authorise it with the hardware, but it will prevent most other fraudulent transactions.

Wonderland is not like FTX, nor are we in the same position as FTX. We have ~$122mm in the treasury so we’re very much capitalized but we don’t function as a wallet in a sense that people deposit funds into their accounts. So unfortunately, you will not be able to recover funds stolen from your own wallet. Take this as a lesson in crypto and properly secure your wallets using hardware.

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It’s very convenient for you to assume/believe that my wallet was compromised. But, it’s far from the fact. There is not a single transaction in my wallet which can prove someone unstaked my investment in your project. And I don’t need any sorries from anyone, because it’s pointless. It doesn’t help. My trust has been breached. I thought there must be something you guys could do. But, now I have no hope. Projects like yours are bringing a bad name crypto world in general. And it’s not good for those who believe in it nor for those who are using projects like yours to steal investors’ hard-earned money in the long run.

Correct. No one unstaked. They just sent it off to another wallet. It’s right there on the blockchain.

No one is making any assumption. Unless you are saying you are the one that made this transaction and are just lying by trying to blame Wonderland for your actions?

I would recommend you do a bit more research about how a wallet can be compromised and how blockchain transaction works before accusing a project of things you simply do not understand.


Or may be it was you who stole my money and many others like me who put their trust in you. Assuming that I have a personal grudge against Wonderland for no reason is ludicrous. I can only laugh… You are not the one who lost your money, It’s me. I was a serious investor who believed in your project. That’s why I never touched my investment even once after I staked my Time here about one and a half years ago. I can take screenshots of my Metamask activity and show them to you. This will show how and when I staked my Avalanche in Wonderland and then did nothing. Just waited for this project to shine. But, here we are…

Checking the history via debank your memo was “transferred” out to
Either that is your another wallet or if you did not make that transaction then I suggest you backtrack all the websites you visited as they could be phishing sites, also hardware wallets such as Trezor or Ledger can prevent scammer from accessing your wallet, we are sorry that you lost your funds but there is nothing we can do as we do not have access to investors wallets.

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Let me check. I will get back to you soon.

Nobody is saying you have a personal grudge against Wonderland.

The fact that you keep referring to your Metamask as proof shows that you lack a certain level of understanding. If you are not willing to accept the fact that your wallet might have been compromised there is nothing we can do for you other than keep suggesting you invest in a hard wallet for your own security.

If you are a serious investor, then one day you will understand what we are explaining and realized what you were missing. Assuming that Wonderland taking your money is the only option is bad faith on your part when we show you what happened and give you an explanation.

We wish you the best, but unfortunately, there is nothing that can be done.


What is funny is, you keep mentioning a hard wallet now when I lost my money. There was no such advice from you guys when I first invested here about a year and a half ago. And one more thing. What did you guys to do inform other investors when first such case was reported to you? I don’t remember receiving any message of warning from you.

Once again ser, I will recommend that you go educate yourself around the basics of crypto.

A hard wallet has always been recommended. I actually got the advice from the Wonderland moderators when I first invested over a year ago. It could have very well been @smilbur who convinced me for all I know.

What you are discussing here are things you should know before engaging in DeFi. They are not issues unique to Wonderland and people getting scammed across the space are a regular thing unfortunately.

Just a few hours ago an upcoming protocol rugged 320k by doing a fake “pre-sale”. The person deploying the smart contract actually had a history of rugs and some discovered it, but the warnings were not enough. People did not do proper due diligence/research before buying and they lost their money.

The complexity of the space makes the security aspect that much important. Whether it is Wonderland or any other protocol, scammers are always sneaking around, waiting for people to not pay attention and swing by with their scam. Unfortunately this is a dangerous space and there are limits to what entities like Wonderland can do to protect the funds of their investors given that each investors has the custody of their funds and not Wonderland.


Maybe I am a crypto novice. I don’t understand how I can keep my staked memo in a hard wallet. Enlighten me, please.