My Time money

Hello! I havent log into from 2 months or so. I have been invested from a couple of months in this and i have been stacking all that time. But now when i get in the website i see no stacking anymore. I dont see any updates on telegram chat. Can i get any further support what we are doing in the future? Thanks

Do you still have MEMO in your wallet ?

If not, check your address on If there are transactions that you dont recognize, your wallet was compromised.


1) Did you buy TIME, and left it in your wallet?

  • Your TIME tokens should still be in your wallet.

2) Did you buy TIME, then stake you TIME tokens on the Wonderland page, and left it there?

  • You should still have the MEMO tokens (pegged 1:1 with TIME) that you received in return for staking TIME in your wallet.

3) Did you buy TIME, then stake you TIME tokens for MEMO, and then wrapped your MEMO into wMEMO?

  • You’re pretty much on the same page with everybody else, and have wMEMO tokens in your wallet. You can stake your wMemo now for BSGG revenue share, or do whatever else you want with them, including trading out, or even unwrapping back to MEMO etc.

In short: The 1:1 pegged $TIME:$MEMO pair has been consolidated into a single token, which is $wMEMO. You can wrap Memo to wMemo on the top-right corner of the Wonderland dapp.

OK, where do we find the wMemo tokens, and in which wallet?

Not sure what you mean ? The address is below, but it would be in your wallet ?

wMEMO token:

I never had MEMO on a wallet. I staked it on Wonderland. Why can’t I see any staking page whatsoever any more?

You never had MEMO or wMEMO ? If you send me your wallet address I can check the transactions on to see if there is anything shady.

I (sort of) fixed the problem. Looking at it from my desktop does not work, but I seem to be able to see everything I expect on my phone.

Ah, try clearing your browser cache. That nornally helps.

Still weird. I’ve cleared my cache a couple times. I now can get good access to my Metamask Avalanche wallet either on my phone or on my laptop. So I don’t have a missing token problem on Metamask. On my phone, when I connect wonderland to my wallet, it shows me exactly balance of MEMO I expect. So I don’t have a missing token problem on Wonderland. But when I go on the laptop, and connect it to the same wallet, selecting AVAX, the stake page tells me I have no tokens. So somehow, I have my settings wrong on the website for the computer, but correct on the mobile. I’ve cleared the browser several times today. It doesn’t change the problem.

If it matters, I staked most of this in November back when it seemed like a good idea.

And just to make sure, you are on the stake page and not the farm page right ?

What happens if you try to wrap ?

Please confirm where you want me to try: on the phone where I see staked MEMO, or on the laptop where I do not?

Laptop, sorry.

Although, you should wrap and stake on the farm to be part of revenue sharing.

My laptop does not display any tokens held, as when I go to the staking area it does not show tokens. It’s as if on my laptop I have nothing except a connected Meta Mask wallet.

And your tokens show up in your meta mask ? (on your laptop)

Which tokens? I see a few AVAX and some BGG. Tell me what I am looking for.

Your MEMO. It shows up in Metamask on your laptop ?

If not, you might have the wrong wallet connected ?

MEMO/TIME shows up in neither the phone nor the laptop Metamask and yet on the phone wonderland I see my MEMO stake and on the laptop wonderland I do not. In both cases I am connected to the same wallet.

Try a different browser on your laptop, and make sure the wallet address under the Wonderland logo is the same as with your phone. Then add MEMO token to your Metamask wallet. The address is 0x136acd46c134e8269052c62a67042d6bdedde3c9