My WL account shows 0. Help?

My WL account shows 0. Need support to help please.

Do you have anything left in your wallet ? If not, put your address in . If there are transaction you didnt do, your wallet was compromised.

Can you help?
Please reply asap

Can you drop your wallet address please, we will check for you.

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Need your wallet address dear fellow - See, if we don’t have that, we might as well be looking in a forest for a fart…

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Did the wonderland website again have a problem?
On farm page, don’t show my staked wMemo and harvest reward and when I go to zapper website it’s the same thing there is no my staked wMemo??
If someone can help here is my wallet address: 0xB11f07Ef71d4cb2491649c62245960F55c1FAf47

I do not know how what to look and how to use snowtrace and my wallet is not compromised because other asset that I keep in my metamask are there. Only missing wMemo and my farm rewards.

Looking at your tx history on debank your memo were unstaked and sent to another address DeBank | Your DeFi wallet

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Thanks for answer. And:

What is that mean? I did not send anywhere my wMemo I staked almost as soon as farm option created on website and leave it like that. Since then I only cast a vote for wip for skyhoper an did not even checked wonderland website since then.
Someone stole my wMemo? Wonderland cheat me? How is that possible? What to do now? Any advice.

It is most likely your wallet is compromised, various causes to this such as clicking on phishing sites, connect your wallet to a scam site, malware etc. Ultimately you need to move whatever funds you have left in that wallet into a new wallet asap, preferably a hardware wallet like Ledger or Trezor to prevent future robbery. I can assure you that WL did not cheat you out of your money, there’s absolutely no way the protocol rug its own investor.

Its hard for me to believe that my wallet is compromised because I did not use it for long time and all other assets are still there. If someone want to rob me he will take every crypto not only wMemo.
So your advice is that I say goodbye to my wMemo and forget about it? And I cannot do anything?

Your most expensive token is BSGG at $16. I don’t think they noticed it or cared enough.This scammer is receiving thousands of dollars by the looks of it. He sends the funds to Binance so you may get lucky if you want to press charges.

Every blockchain transaction is permament so there is no way to revert it. I would buy a hardware wallet and forget this address as the scammer still has full access to it.

Usually the reason is a compromised seedphrase. (Scammer pretending to be a support person, fake Metamask popup etc.)

I see there is no hope. I cant just figure it out how he do it because I did not give anyone ever my seedphrase for this wallet. Some time ago I suspected on fraud and created new wallet and give access whit that new empty wallet but not this one.
Anyway thanks all for repaying.

I am sorry for your loss, but you live and you learn. If you just created a new wallet inside Metamask and didn’t install a fresh Metamask with different seedphrase, that is the reason you got scammed. Other reason could be malware/viruses on PC.

But I am just guessing here. I wish you have a better crypto experience in the future.

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Thanks for any help!

From the tx it looks like you only approved access to your wallet you haven’t stake your time yet.
On 2nd look, it seems you have been filling up avax on your wallet and they just kept transferring out to a different wallet, are those your wallets or someone elses?

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