My WMEMO in the farm is gone

Hope somebody can help me out.
I bought Time when it was at it’s top. I invested 2500 euro and it dropped till i had only 250euros left. So i decided to eventually stake MEMO and then farm WMEMO and i left it there and didnt pay much attention to it.

But couple days ago i checked and my Staked WMEMO was 0. So where did it go?

My address is 0x91F655fAeBE7b9C6F74F2C17c1F58C8e75a67Aa8

Looks like 42 days ago your funds were sent to this address:

If that is not you, it means that your wallet is compromised. :confused:

No that is not mine. But how can my wallet be compromised? I has only been connected to Wonderland… because that ia the whole reason i made the metamask wallet.

But how do it get my rewards from the wonderland farm? I still have bsgg spell and usdc on there

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Hard for me to say. There is a lot of ways a wallet can be compromised.

As for your farm rewards, you can claim them like you normally would, except you would need to do it fast to ensure they don’t get taken by the scammer and you would have to send it to a wallet with a new seed phrase.

If you are serious about crypto, buying a hard wallet like a Ledger is recommended.

I can’t connect my coinbase wallet to time wonderland as I use to ? any one know the reason ?

What does it do ? Just nothing ? Maybe try clearing your browser cache.

Any DMs you get is from a scammer.

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After I connect from coinbase wallet it start spinning in the black screen, but when I connect from I can see all my asset there incuding time, Thank you for get back to me.

Try these:

Spinning circle troubleshooting:

  • Clear browser cache/cookies
  • Try incognito mode/another browser/Metamask mobile browser
  • If the user is behind a VPN, switch location
  • Restart PC
  • Reset Metamask

my metamask wallet is ok , except coinbase wallet .

I keep trying again and again to connect so many time,now it go thru so I’m good now .Thank you